Thursday, July 12, 2007

Profound, but Odd

After I get Toby and Jesse off to work, I usually sit down with my coffee at the computer and do some serious surfing. I check my own blog for comments (rarely are there any new ones), and I read through my favorite blogs. Sometimes I check my sitemeter which I find fascinating. There are the usual folks who drop by my blog, but sometimes there are strangers from far away places that find my blog. I can't help but wonder how they came by my blog and what they thought as they read it. I wish they would leave some comment to say they were there - like the ones written on bathroom stalls - me and joey wuz here in 07'. Maybe they could just say, "Howdy from the Jones" or "Mighty fine blog" or "Just dropped by from the moon - how the heck are you". Somebody dropped by my blog having googled "Leroy Featherston" and another person found my blog by googling "Lynda Donnithorne". I wanted to say, "Hey, I know them well! Why didn't you ask? Who are you? Can we talk here?" It just seems like such a waste to come by my blog and not say anything. I'm not talking about my "regulars" that come by everyday, although I love hearing from you, too. I'm talking about new and different people that just happen by.
I happened upon an interesting blog yesterday called Stolen Thunder. After reading several of his posts, I left him a comment to say who I was, how I found him, and what I thought of his blog. It just seemed the polite thing to do. Then again, maybe he doesn't care who comes by his blog. Still, I think I will make it a point to drop a comment on new blogs - unless I think their blogs are sorry. Then I will just move on. Hmm, maybe that is what they think of mine. I did have that thought that if someone dropped by my blog they would think, "Hmm, nothing substantial here." After all, I have not written anything profound lately. Sometimes I save all my profound thoughts for my comments on other's blogs. You know, us blonds can't be too profound or we ruin our reputations. Of course, some people think I am an angel.

My mom called the other day to say she was bringing my 12 year old niece up to see the kittens. Toby asked, "Hasn't she outgrown playing with kittens?" I answered, "I haven't outgrown kittens yet." He said, "Yes, but you are unique." or did he say "odd"?
The goose is loose - in more ways than one. She poops all over the patio and carport, she chases my dogs, and now she is swimming in the grandkid's pool. She is a problem, but she goes for walks with me and is a good watch goose and I like her. Jesse wants to eat her.


Buck Pennington said...

It just seems like such a waste to come by my blog and not say anything.

I feel the same way. I always check Site Meter first thing in the morning and several times each day. I find SM...and the whole "www" thing...absolutely fascinating. far as commenters go, I'd estimate that up to 90% of people who read blogs simply don't comment, ever. Lex has had this discussion before, too, and I think he threw out the "90% don't comment" figure. I'd say that's about right, based on his visits (>1,000/day) and the number of comments he typically receives on any given subject. That rule of thumb holds true for EIP, as well.

Still and even, you'd think folks would just want to say "Hi!" That would be the neighborly thing to do. Some folks just aren't neighborly, though. And the web, she is anonymous...

catherine MacDermott said...

What's Site Meter?

Maybe we should change the words "neighborly polite" to cyberly polite!" Really, it seems rude not to at least say "hi." Afterall, you've just been invited into someone's space...the least you could do is offer a beer! :)

Bag Blog said...

I like "Cyberly polite". The beer idea is not bad either. Our neighbors in Italy invited us in to their home - the only word we could understand was "bira". We got along great!

Becky said...

I'm with you on this one. I know more peopel are finding my blog, but don't comment. What gets to me, though, is the bloggers I visit regularly (not yours, of have never even visited my blog. That, to me, is rude. If someone comments on your blog, the least you can do is return the visit and leave a "howdy."

Becky said...

Man, and I htought I'd proofread that! It shoud read "Not yours, of course"

Buck Pennington said...

Catherine said... What's Site Meter?

Catherine: It's an embedded app that logs all the visitors to a blog, their IP address, time of visit, duration, yadda, yadda. If you scroll down to the very bottom of Lou's blog you'll see a little green icon on the lower left-hand side of the page labeled "Site Meter." Click it and you'll see all of Lou's stats.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, thanks for answering Catherine's question. I meant to do it, but got sidetracked.

Buck Pennington said...

Buck, thanks for answering Catherine's question.

Rather presumptuous of me, wasn't it? ;-)

(I figured you might have forgotten...I do that, a lot!)

(verification word: bkwxkatz. Black weather cats?)

Kris, in New England said...

Lou - first of all, thank you for the lovely comment (and compliment) you left on my blog yesterday for my anniversary. Since I see that Buck is commenting here, I'm presuming that's how you found me.

Thank you Buck!

I agree - I check my blog stats daily and wonder why people take the time to read thru my Journal, then not leave any comments. I have a friend who reads my blog everyday but hardly ever comments. So I wonder how much is curiosity and how much is fear of embarrassing oneself.

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