Friday, July 13, 2007

Painting of the Week

Being the procrastinator that I am, I have been putting off painting my Painting of the Week until Thursdays when my art girls are here. Sometimes that is a mistake, because I get busy helping the girls and have very little time for myself. Yesterday was a busy day, but I had a simple picture and was able to get this little painting done. I have been wanting to do a portrait or something larger and more substantial than my little POWs, but I can't seem to find just the right subject to inspire me. My art girls seem to be suffering from the same lack of inspiration in their paintings. We decided that we need a road trip - maybe go to the Cowboy Hall of Fame and view some art work.
Last night Lindsay and Reagan came over to do some painting with me. They both work and cannot come during the day. It is always a wild time to have the two of them and Jesse painting together. Toby disappeared to the barn. I did manage to get a second little painting done while the girls were here, but I still would like to find something inspirational. Any ideas?


Catherine MacDermott said...

Lou, I enjoy your paintings and envy your ability. When you say something "inspirational," would might that look like? When I saw your second painting the doorway reminded me of the sweet little chapel in Chimayo, New Mexico...a scene often painted...see (look at the second picture).

Enjoy your weekend! Craig and I are headed to Ft. Worth to celebrate CJ's 2nd b-day! GBN2 will be a girl! Just found out and am thrilled!

Anonymous said...

I could use a new painting for the new house.


catherine MacDermott said...

Bo gives the best inspiration I think there could be! Way to go Bo!

Bag Blog said...

I will get right on that, Bo.

Buck Pennington said...

I thought the second painting was reminiscent of Taos' back streets... I got a "404" error ("not found") when I tried to follow your link, Catherine.

Bag Blog said...

The second painting was painted from an old postcard from NM, but it was not specific as to where it was. I combined the postcard of the adobe wall with my own photo of some hollyhocks for my painting.

I could go to the, but could not follow the link.