Thursday, August 09, 2007

Another Tag

A few weeks back, Becky tagged me. Those tagged must list 7 random facts about themselves - not previously known. They also need to write in their blogs the rules of the game, which are pretty simple--you list your 7 facts, then list 7 people you are tagging. Then you leave them comments letting them know they've been tagged.

Because I am a very open person who tells all, I have had trouble coming up with 7 facts, but here they are. Now you know all.

1. I buy make-up or fingernail polish when I want to treat myself, although I do not wear much of either. When Toby and I were first married, we had very little money, and we were both in school at TTU. One day while walking to school, I broke down and cried. Toby was very concerned asking me what was wrong. I told him that I just wanted to be able to buy the things I wanted to buy. Dumbfounded, he asked, “So what is it that you want to buy?” I cried, “Fingernail polish!” Of course, he did not understand. To me, we were so poor that I would not spend money on something so frivolous as nail polish. He thought I should just go buy it. Years later a friend of mine opened my fridge and saw on one shelf many bottles of nail polish (they last longer if kept in a cool, dry place). My friend looked at me and said, “Lou, you are the most normal person I know, but that is weird.” I answered, “No, that is prosperity.”

2.A few years ago, I wore Invisalign Braces to straighten my teeth. Although my teeth were perfectly straight when I was younger, my senior year in high school they began to lap over. The dentist said my wisdom teeth were growing in sideways and were pushing my teeth together. He said that if I pulled my wisdom teeth, all would be well. He lied. By the end of my freshman year in college, my teeth were severely lapping over each other. They just got worse as years went on. It was something that I hated. After “Lord of the Rings” came out, I told Toby that I did not want “Orc” teeth any more. I had seen Invisaligners advertised, and I asked my dentist about them. Now my teeth are not perfect, but they are straight.

3. I have large ankles, but my grandmother, whom I look like, said I should just be glad that I have ankles.

4. Besides hating my large ankles, I hate my double chin. I told Toby that I would love to have my neck liposuctioned. If I could just have my neck sucked I would be happy. He told me that he would love to suck my neck…

5. My first vehicle was a 63’ Chevy pick-up - red and white, long bed, three on the tree - given to me by my grandfather. I was hot stuff in that truck.

6. Although I started out as a blonde, my hair would now be dark brown/gray if I did not lighten it.

7. Because of the decisions that we have made in raising our children differently (home school, courtship rather than dating, etc.) people accuse us of being part of a cult. Funny how people are scared of what they don’t understand. Rather than discuss things rationally, they throw out accusations unjustly. They can see that I have a wonderful, peaceful, loving home with children who have done exceptionally well so far in life, and yet, they point and snicker, and get angry and hateful. Their loss.

Okay, I do not know seven people to tag since Becky and Kris have already been tagged. So I tag TFNP.


Jo Castillo said...

This made me smile. We learned to drive at about 12 years old. The ankles and double chin made me laugh. Are we related? Tee hee.


Bag Blog said...

We may be, Jo. Several times in my life I have had people call me "Jo". I always thought ot was because my name, Lou, is a short, boy's name and people often just called me Jo by mistake. But now, maybe there is just some sort of kindred spirit between us :)

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

OH CRAP!!! you tagged ME????!!!!! (OK compose yourself Piper, its not like this is piping competition and your judge is Jimmy McIntosh).

I remember #2, and CLASSIC Toby in #4. I always find it interesting when people rip families like us who choose not to throw our children into the river like the rest of society has chosen to over the years. And then they make comments like, "Your children are so good... Wow your children are so easy to take care of...Your children are so happy...and the classic...Wow how do you get your children to do that?" And then they turn around and say stuff like, "WHAT?!! Your homeschooling?!! Don't you think they'll be socially inept? What?!!! Not dating??? How will they ever find a mate?

Jesse is so unable to cope socially, and Poor Bo, he'll never find a good wife. Case closed.

Buck Pennington said...

Your "seven" made me smile, too. Especially the nail polish thing. I think experiencing "poverty" is a GOOD thing. I use the scare quotes to indicate a (temporary) scarcity of money, NOT the grinding, hopeless, handed-down from generation to generation, welfare type of poverty. When money is short it builds a certain attitude and appreciation (read that: "fiscal responsibility") that carries over into later life when things are much, much better. But I'm preaching to the choir, right?

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I had similar thoughts - I wouldn't trade those "lean years" for anything, but I'm glad they are over. We learned much from those years - like what was necessary and what was not, how to make do, and how to be thankful.

unkawill said...

The ankle thing made me laugh so hard, the guy's in the warehouse had to come see what was so funny!

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

I am inprocessing with KBR, to go back to Iraq, starting monday, and will be maintaining my blog while there, if you want a civilian's take on the sandbox,feel free to stop by.

Bag Blog said...

Unkawill, You wouldn't laugh if you had these ankles! I guess KBR is no longer a part of Halliburton - lots of contraversy there. I will be keeping up with your travels