Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Good News

The trip to Lubbock went well. Toby's sister, Jan, was there with her husband. Jan's son and his family were also in Lubbock to move their daughter into TTU. It made for a nice little family reunion. Monday was spent at the heart hospital waiting on the angiogram. More family showed up, and Toby's family can certainly be interesting. I felt like my job was to run interference (keeping some family members away from my mother-in-law) until the whole process was over. Toby's Aunt Ruth (better known as Uncle Ruth) has a new husband. He is a great guy as far as I can tell, but he has a lot of wind - he likes to talk. Maybe I was fresh meat for his stories. I did my best to listen, but I drifted several times (eyes glazed over) and got a bit lost in his stories. One thing that was interesting was that he talked with a little cigar in the corner of his mouth causing his words to have to form around the cigar. One of his stories was about someone who wanted to "bar a will-bar". I focused in on this part of the story. Another fascinating part of the story had to do with someone being in the USAF and worked "on one of them tires." Turned out "bar a will bar" is "borrow a wheel barrow" and a "tire" is a "control tower".

Toby's mom was a trooper as usual and got a good report from the doctor - no blockage - all is well. It was a real relief to everyone. We got to just visit and relax after that. Toby spent most of Tuesday putting a new radiator in his mom's car. I did a little shopping to get ready for our upcoming trip to Canada. Yes, we will be going to Canada. We leave this Sunday for four weeks up North. I am very excited to be going with Toby on this trip. The only draw-back is leaving the Grand Babies. I finally get them moved to Duncan and off I go. Today, when I saw GBN1, she burst out the door of her house, dodged Toby, and ran straight to me. She leaped into my arms and gave me a big kiss. I'm tellin' ya, it just doesn't get any better than that.

On the way home from Lubbock, Toby and I stopped in WF to see my mom. She was great - plum silly. She had been to Dallas to a reception and visited her little brother, my Uncle Danny, and all my cousins on that side of the family. She had lots of family stories, too. Uncle Danny was an engineer for Texas Instruments before breaking out and starting his own computer company that does some sort of work for pharmacies. He employs just about all of his children in his new company, and he has a lot of kids. Danny is currently involved in some sort of lawsuit, and has hired my brother, Craig, to represent him as his lawyer. Apparently, the other man involved in the lawsuit told Craig, that the biggest problem with Danny's company was that Danny employs too many relatives. Then the man asked Craig how he came to know Danny. Of course, Craig took great pleasure in telling the man that Danny was his uncle.

I love that story. It reminded me of the time that I filled in for Toby's secretary when she went on vacation. While Toby was out of the office, some man called asking questions that I could not answer. I explained that I was not the regular secretary, I could not answer his questions, but I would be glad to have Toby call him back. The man was very nice to me, but later when Toby called him back, he proceeded to tell Toby what a stupid secretary I was. Toby thought of all sorts of things that he wanted to reply to the man. Things like, "Yeah, I'm kind of worried about our kids..." But he kept quiet. I thought of a few things I could have said to the man...

It may take me a few days to catch up on my blog reading. Plus, I need to be getting ready for Canada. Heehaw! I'm excited.


catherine MacDermott said...

Hee-haw indeed! You're gonna LOVE Canada. And it's such a lovely time of year to visit.

So glad to hear your Mother-in-Law is fine. Your "bar to will bar" story reminded me of my trip to Chicago a number of years ago. I stopped to ask for directions to some museum and the person said, "go past the farm and the zoo and it's right in front of you. Can't miss it." I walked and walked and walked forever, looking for the farm and the zoo. Come to find out, it was the "Fireman's Suit," the name of some big ol store that sold uniforms of sorts. man is home...that lawyer who's workin' for uncle Dan!

Buck Pennington said...

Great to hear everything went well. And I agree with're gonna LOVE Canadia (not a typo).

Bag Blog said...

It is good to be home. The "fireman's suit" is pretty funny. I'll have to tell you the "hog dog" story sometime, but it is an "in person" story.

Shelly said...

Glad to hear the visit went well. Just the word vacation sounds great, but then a vacation in Canada, how wonderful..


Jo Castillo said...

I'm glad the visit to LBB went so well. Gave me some laughs, too.

I'm jealous that you are going to Canada. We went every summer for about 9 years and loved it. We visited from Nova Scotia to Vancouver and as far north as Yellowknife. Fantastic. Enjoy your trip.