Saturday, August 25, 2007

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Zoe dog woke me up this morning about 6:00 AM with her puppy dreams. My mind clicked on thinking of all I had to do and where we were going. My eyes popped open. Toby seemed to be stirring too - so I asked if it was Christmas yet. He has always laughed at me because I do not sleep well on Christmas Eve - too much excitement.

We had our first cup of coffee together, but then I sat down at the computer to blog. Wrong! Toby had other plans for me. Yesterday, he managed to weed-eat to death a tarp covering some ply wood, and this morning he needed me to help him move the lumber to the barn. He knows how I hate spiders and snakes and all things creepy crawly that live in old lumber. It meant putting on my grubby clothes before I showered and put on my not-quite- as-grubby clothes and then change back later. It meant me having to worry about spiders and snakes. Okay, I put on my big-girl panties and did it. This time there were no snakes or mice, but plenty of spiders and cockroaches - yuck enough. There were only seven 3/4 inch ply boards to be moved - wearing gloves made it not so bad. A few years ago, Toby had me moving some boards in the barn and a mouse did a hickory-dickory - ran up one board and jumped on me and ran down. I'm not really scared of mice, but I don't really want them on me either.

So, we are off to a great morning. Toby wanted to finish the weed-eating around the house before we left for Canada. He did quite a bit last night. Usually, he starts weed-eating where ever he starts the weed-eater. Last night I mentioned that he should start with the front of the house in case the weed-eater died before he finished. He accused me of telling him how to weed-eat. Well, yeah! Sure enough, the weed-eater won't start this morning, and he still needs to do more around the front of the house. No, there is no need for an "I told you so". He is irritated enough with out that.

Good news!
Last night my brother called me. I had been hearing some rumors that he had popped the question to Catherine. Since Catherine has not spilled her guts on this topic, I was waiting to see what they had to say. Sure 'nuff, they are engaged. Come on, Catherine, tell us the whole story! I could not be happier for my brother. He deserves someone to love him and I believe that Catherine does. The real up-side to this union is that I get a new sister out of it - one that is fun, beautiful, smart, and sensitive - Heehaw!


Shelly said...

Manual labor first thing in the morning, yuck!!, then add creepy crawly things. MMMM no thanks. Glad you had your big girl pants..LOL
Sounds like congratulations are in order. Sister-in-laws are wonderful..I love mine.

catherine MacDermott said...

Cheezam....I've hit the jackpot! Am I ever the blessed one! I'm not only gonna marry Lou's incredible, wonderful, kind, loving, fun, talented, smart, sensitive...(adjectives are longer than this little box has room for) big brother, but I'm marrying into an amazing family. Like Craig told me the other day, "don't pinch me -- cause if this is a dream, I don't want to wake up!"

Funny note: my word verification for this posting is guymfabb -- which is shorthand for "I'm marrying a fab guy!" Kind of like a cyber-fortune cookie! :)

Craig said...

Sister, thanks for those good words. Jim "Bimbo" Lane and I were moving the big stuff out of my house this morning and over to Catherine's garage. I told him you appreciated his comment that this engagement marks "the closing of the Craig Barker Museum of Futons"! You two are SO funny . . .

Catherine said... a nutshell - here's the story. Craig fashioned a ring out of a "cowboy band aid." (These would be brown band aids with spurs, saddles, horses, etc. on them -- they're for my grandson!) - And in doing things "the cowboy way," knelt down on one knee, held my hand, looked me in the eyes, and asked me to marry him! I said "Hail Yes!" HeeeeHaw!!

Buck Pennington said...

Congrats, Catherine and Craig! Great engagement story, Catherine, and kudos to Craig for creativity.

Too bad about the "Futon Museum." ;-) The Second Mrs. Pennington and I began our lives together sleeping on a futon in a teeny-tiny Japanese apartment in Tokyo and graduated to several more futons over the years. It's one of the best, if not THE best, sleeping platforms (for lack of a better word) there are. Kinda wish I had one of mine back...

So. When's the wedding?

Bag Blog said...

We made it to Calgary. I'll post more on the trip later.

Catherine, those are not the exact adjectives I would have used for Craig, but live and learn. It is kind of like with my little sister, Kathy. We did not tell her future husband all about her either 'cause we figured he was her best shot and we did not want to scare him off. The band-aid thing was a nice touch. I will miss all those futons.

Craig said...

Buck, I'm glad to hear from another appreciator of futons. I think they're one of the best household inventions to ever come along. Give me a futon over the over-stuffed stuff that a lot of folks put in their bedrooms or living rooms. No wonder we have so many "fluffy" folks. Semper the Futon! (is that something like "Forever the Futon"?). I better quit before I hurt myself.