Monday, August 27, 2007

We Are Here

The trip to Canada was smooth and without incident. Some people just live right, eh? On the first leg of the trip, which was to Houston from OKC, I did not get to sit with Toby. I sat with a young man whom I assumed to be an American Indian, but when I tried to talk to him, he did not speak English. He took out his airplane ticket and pointed out "New York" as if that was where he is from. Does that seem odd? Our trip started at 5am yesterday. We arrived in Houston about 8 am, grabbed some coffee and a bagel and boarded our next flight to Calgary. It was a bit squished. I will be dreaming I am a sardine for nights. Toby had the aisle seat. The guy across the aisle was a large young man wearing some sort of beanie hat (Jewish maybe?). He had headphones, a thick book on MLK Jr., and he could not sit still. He was constantly getting up and just standing. Of course his bottom came to about Toby's face. Toby got the bum in the face through out the trip. If you have ever seen "Men in Black", think of the guy whom the bug inhabitied, and you will get the picture of the guy Toby sat by. Toby was also wondering, didn't there use to be some sort of rule about how wide the stewardess could be. He got quite jostled by one of the stewardesses every time she walked down the aisle. I told him that I did not think the airline companies could discriminate against size. Toby thinks it is a necessity.

We landed in Calgary about 2 pm and then set our clocks back to Mountain time. We are in Calgary centre in a resident hotel. It is nice with a little living-room and kitchen. We took a nap, unpacked, and did the usual organizing. I chatted with Jes and Bo to let them know we are okay. Jes asked if we could understand the language:) Kevin, from Halliburton, took us out to eat at a brewery. He was full of information, but has only been in Canada since April. He said there is a large homeless population that bothers people for money, but that there is no unemployment. Odd. Today, I will hit the sites around the hotel and see what I can find out. Apparently, lots of people here walk - I like that. I will also take the camera and get back with you soon.

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