Monday, August 27, 2007

Bogging from the Lobby

The Regency Suites has a computer in the lobby - Heehaw! They don't mind me sitting here and blogging - Toby paid for it. He has to take his laptop to work - I really think I need a laptop. Then, I would be really cool. It is raining here in Calgary, but is suppose to clear up later this morning. It kind of reminds me of our trip to Italy a few years ago. It rained the whole first week we were in Ravenna. Jesse and I just got where we went out anyway to see the mosaics. Tomorrow it may frost.

Toby and I went out for coffee and a muffin early this morning since our little kitchen cupboard is bare. I plan on getting again shortly. Jesse has forwarded my email (the hughes.neet account) since I do not seem to be able to get my email. I am able to use my hotmail account which is .

So far so good.


Shelly said...

Have a great trip.. Fingers crossed for sun shine. Check out that Mac Laptop, it is cool.


Catherine said...

Oh those hose-heads say things in such funny ways. Is "bogging in the lobby," the Canadian way of saying "blogging in the lobby?!" :)

Hope you're enjoying the cooler (as in COLD! - frost, geez) weather and your time in the great white north. I used to see Northern lights at this time of year in Canada...hope you have the chance to see them too.

Bag Blog said...

The sun came out late in the afternoon. Yeha!

catherine said...

Lou...just curious if you saw the blood-red moon in Calgary today? I've been reading about and wondered if you might have seen it?

Bag Blog said...

I heard about on the Calgary news this morning, but did not know about it ahead of time - so we were not watching for it in the wee hours. Darn it!

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

ooooooohhh!! Blood red moons, frost in the summertime, MamaLou getting a laptop?! sounds apocalyptic to me!!