Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Walking Calgary

On my first full day in Calgary, I walked my short legs to nubs. Although it was raining, I searched the map of the city centre to see where I wanted to go. I found that the city has a series of indoor skywalks from building to building - I believe it is called 15+. After walking a block in the rain with Toby's umbrella, which is a piece of junk that kept folding up on my head, I entered a building and found the skywalk. I walked to the Eau Claire Market which I was told was a great little shopping area. It was pretty much a disappointment. So I went back into the skywalk and headed for Toby's office. I wondered through the maze of buildings - kind of the long way around - until I came to his building. I actually walked a block too far and had to backtrack on the street, but it had quit raining and being outside was more pleasant than the 15+. Toby and I ate at a little sandwich shop - he had the Shepperd's pie and I had the tuna. We walked around to kill time before he had to go back to work. Then I headed for Art Central which according to the brochure was an area of art galleries. There is a lightrail train that runs through the downtown area. It is free in the city centre, but cost money if you get off of 7th Ave. I did not take the train, but walked. Art Central was another disappointment. Most of the art was very modern and uninteresting to me. What was interesting was the building. It was chopped up into small rooms for artist to show their work and to have a little studio. People can visit the artist while they work. There were no artist working while I was visiting, but I like the concept. I know lots of artist that would love to have a little space to work and show their work - my mind is clicking. On the walk back to the hotel, I found the Gainsborough (sp?) gallery. It was much more to my taste and was enjoyable. I made it back to the hotel with tired feet and put them up for a while, watched a silly movie on TCM, sketched, and waited for Toby. When he got home, we headed for the lightrail and rode it to the end of 7th Ave. The sun was out and beautiful at 6 pm. Then we walked to the Kennsington Area to a Safeway store. The store was packed with people - mostly young. After we bought groceries, we chose to walk back to the hotel. My legs were give out (Okie talk).We heated up a pizza for supper. It was pretty late for us old folks, but we read a little before bed. We are still not on Calagary time, and we are waking up way before the alarm goes off.

The Kennsington area is an older area with little shops and funky little houses. It is just across the Bow River with a beautiful walking trail and bridge. Being a city, there is lots of high-rise apartment type buildings - the architecture is great. He older buildings are even better. I have taken some photos. Hopefully I can share them by putting them on Toby's laptop. Right now I am in the lobby again. Today, I want to explore Kennsington more. There is an art supply store...I may do some painting too.

One of my big impressions of Canada so far - wow the men are gorgeous. There are just lots of young people who seem really good-looking, fit, and hip. Is it just Canada, or is it because this is a city? I have been teasing Jesse that she should be coming here rather than San Francisco (she leaves on her CA trip next week). I know she will enjoy CA, but this is where the men are!


Shelly said...

Glad to see you are getting around. I really like the concept of seeing artists at work, I love watching glass blowers, sculpters and painters.. Glad to see that you are noticing the male eye candy..


Becky said...

Wow, maybe I should go to Calgary. I have always wanted to see the Stampede.

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Always nice getting out of OK and seeing how the rest of the 1st world isn't swimming in deep fried lard that ends up on your arse. It was a culture shock for the Queen when she first moved here from Denver. She was always surprised to see so many fat people here, and always commented on how there were not enough paths for bikers, runners,and walkers in public areas like they are in CO.