Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pics of Calgary

The first photo is just a shot of downtown Calgary. Notice that it was taken the first day here while it was still raining. The second photo was taken this morning while I walked to Kensington Area. I crossed over the Bow River from the downtown area. It is the same area where we did our grocery shopping at Safeway. I found the Kensington Art Supply store. The lady who worked there was fun. She told me that she was from Ontario and found the grocery prices very high here. I agreed. I paid $1.89 per lb. for apples. In fact the whole cost of living is much higher here. Kevin, from Halliburton who just moved here, has recently bought a new home after looking all summer. Lower end homes go for $400,000 to $500.000 with nicer homes going up to $750,000. There is a housing shortage and high-rise apartments are going up like crazy. When we bought groceries (only enough for us to carry back to the hotel - certainly not what I would buy at Wal-Mart for the week in Duncan) it cost us $104.00. I'm glad Halliburton is picking up Toby's half of the groceries. How do people afford things here? I wonder if it is the same everywhere in Canada.

Still, I am having fun exploring the city. Toby and I ate out this evening and then walked for awhile. There seemed to be lots of young people out eating and socializing - kind of a loud crowd. I found some art galleries to explore tomorrow. I hope my legs hold up.


Buck Pennington said...

Wow, it IS expensive in Calgary. The last time I looked, the Canadian dollar was worth about $0.70 (US). Today it's $0.944...nearly parity!

I was always taken aback by the prices in Toronto whenever I went to visit, back when I lived in Rochester, NY. But I always told myself...but it's in Canadian dollars. Can't do that any longer, obviously.

Ashley Williams said...

Hi Lou, I am so glad you are having a good trip. We miss you already and you have not been gone very long. Have a good day!!!!!!!!!

Jo Castillo said...

If you are like me, it doesn't always feel like "real" money when you are using different currency.

Sounds like you are enjoying. What the heck, it is ONLY money.

We didn't spend much time in Calgary on our Canadian adventures, so it is fun to visit with you.


Bag Blog said...

aJo - The money does look fake - might as well spend it.

Buck - we ate at Brewsters last night. We each had a hamburger and fries. Toby had two beers and I had one - cost $41.00. We also watched football, baseball, hockey and tennis on the different TVs.

Ashley - I have been thinking about you too. I bought some new art paper that is way differnt. I will paint a picture to send to you so you can see it. It is a "must have."