Thursday, August 02, 2007

Only the Lonely

With Toby in Kazakhstan and Jesse in NY, it could get lonely around here. My first night alone was not so bad. At church I sat with Jan and Adam (Jesse's boys) rather than GBN1. It was much more peaceable, and I only had to pinch Adam once for fidgeting - just kidding. Having new people at church, especially young men, always draws a crowd. So, after church there was a pretty good group of young people visiting with me and the boys. GBN1 demanded my attention, though, and I had to step out of the circle to play with her (like that was a problem :). I chatted with Toby before bed, which is always a nice. The dogs did bark at some unknown thing outside - I hate that when I am alone. So I got my pistol out like any good Okie. It just makes me feel better. Then I slept well.

This morning I chatted with Toby again. We say "good morning-goodnight" to each other. I got the whole pot of coffee to myself, and lots of time to read my favorite blogs. Duty in the Desert made me laugh with this video. TFNP made me cry with his very sweet memories of the birth of his daughter.

The Velma Picnic, a hometown rodeo, is this weekend. One of my art girls is running barrels with her new horse. I may get to work with her and her horse today. I also have art this afternoon. Being busy is good. It keeps me from wearing socks on my ears and singing a sad song.


Buck Pennington said...

It keeps me from wearing socks on my ears and singing a sad song.

LOL! I'd never heard that one before...

Jo Castillo said...

Made me smile, too. I'm anxious to hear about the barrel racing. I tried that back in the old days. :)