Friday, August 03, 2007

Booboo's Busy Day

A children's story - sort of:
Booboo woke up early so that she could enter the Cyber Kingdom and chat with her handsome prince in the kingdom across the sea. All was well with the handsome prince, but then Booboo’s day took a turn for the worse when the Giant Dog, Zoe, peed on her bed causing Booboo to have to change the sheets and do laundry. This made Booboo pretty mad. Then her good friend Kara called and wanted Booboo to come to the rodeo arena and give pointers on how to run barrels. Booboo was more than happy to get out of her small kingdom and away from the Giant Dog. Before Booboo left for the arena, she looked for the bell boots to loan Kara to protect her horse. Booboo looked all through her small kingdom for the bell boots. She looked in the barn and through the junk on the carport. She dug through the container of bridles and halters. She drew the line at looking under the tarp that covers the saddles because it seemed to be covered with wicked spiders. All of her searching was for naught. The bell boots were nowhere to be found. Booboo was now sweating profusely and late getting to the arena which did not make Boobo happy. But all went well at the arena in the Kingdom of Velma until it got hot and Booboo drank too much tea and needed to pee. Rodeo port-o-potties are worse than a pea under a stack of mattresses. So, Booboo excused herself and headed home. It was a good thing, because she needed to ready her small kingdom for the young Art princesses to have art class. Art class went well, and all of the Art princesses were gone by 4:30 - in time for Booboo to post a comment on Buck’s blog and head for the Kingdom of Grandbabies to baby-sit while the king and queen went out on the town. Once there, she loaded up the tiny princesses into the magic mini-van and took them to visit the Piper Kingdom and his young princesses. The Friendly Neighborhood Piper fixed a meal fit for queens. After supper the Piper took the young princesses for a dip in the royal pool. The young ladies were having a grand time. Then the tiniest princesses threw the biggest fit. She was tired and ready for bed. The Piper had to help Booboo gather her princess-stuff quickly and load it into the magic mini-van. Booboo broke a sweat for the second time that day. The tiny princess was asleep before the magic van went two blocks. Booboo made it safely back to the Grandbaby Kingdom, but she was worn out and thinking she really needed to lose weight to keep up with Grand-princesses. The king and queen arrived shortly from their night out on the town. Booboo was able to drag her tired butt home and chat with her handsome prince across the sea. Then she climbed into her clean sheets and slept soundly.


Buck Pennington said...

Then she climbed into her clean sheets and slept soundly.

All's well that ends well!

God Save The Queen!

Becky said...

Booboo had a busy day!

What a great story,Booboo, er Lou.