Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Photos from Kensington

The first two photos were taken in the Kensinton shopping area. Take a look at these little ones crossing the street and how they are attached to each other. Notice how young they are and how cute they are with their little hats.

The photo of the house is just one of many that I took - there are several streets of these funky old homes. If you like, I will post more house pictures.


Buck Pennington said...

Forgive me this thought...but the FIRST thing that came to my mind when looking at the pic of those young'uns was "Chain Gang." I fully understand the reasons/rationale behind linking the kids together, especially given their ages and their location (busy city street), but STILL... it just looks weird.

Nice house, but it looks like they lost/misplaced their pruning shears. ;-)

Catherine said...

Lou, I love the way you see the world...more pictures, please!

Have fun!

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Hmmmmmm...chain me an idea... The house reminds me of some of the places you see in the mountain towns in CO.

Shelly said...

They look like little ducklings.. Awe how cute.. I'm with Catherine, more pictures please..


Bag Blog said...

Buck,"Chain gang" is exactly what Toby called the youngsters. I believe he said something like "Canadian chain gang".

Becky said...

I love funky old homes. I always wanted to live in one.