Thursday, August 30, 2007

Prince's Island

Last night Toby and I went to the Eau Claire Market to eat and look around. We ate at a place called Barley Mill Eatery and Pub. This is Toby doing his best pirate impression. It is amazing, but we saw a Texas Aggie there. Hadn't seen any t-sips - must be embarrassed to wear the orange and white.

After nachos and beer, we went for a walk over to Prince's Island. It is a small island in the Bow River with walking paths and park areas. The flowers hanging from these lightposts are beautiful. There were flower gardens everywhere - I was impressed considering I can't keep any plants alive for long. It was very nice to have such a beautiful park in the middle of city. The walking paths follow the river - much nicer than walking on busy streets. Calgary is a very modern, beautiful city, but I sure like the peace of the river and parks. Although there were quite a few people out walking, biking, rollerblading, etc, it was not crowded. It made for a nice evening.


Zilla said...


Ask Toby what his favorite letter of the alphabet is.... I bet he'll say RRRRRRRR -- like a good pirate! :)

Really enjoying traveling through Calgary with you...keep those pics and stories comin!


Bag Blog said...

Pirate talk is his second language.

Buck Pennington said...

Pirate talk is his second language.

Which is VERY useful when it comes to entertaining Grand-Babies. And making them shriek with laughter!

Great pics, Lou. Are you going to be able to get up to Banff before you leave?