Saturday, August 04, 2007

Update on Cousin Jim

Janice came over for dinner. We had pasta with shrimp, salad, Italian bread and a slice of Edward's key lime pie. We sat around just catching up and drinking coffee. Janice has also had a summer cold like me - so we whined together. After Janice left, I watched "Deja Vu" with Denzel Washington - another time-warp movie. (hmm, did that sound like I watched the movie with Denzel? I wish!) This time it did not mess with my head as much as "Lake House." In fact, I liked the movie. Then I read a bit before falling asleep. I am not sure how I will fill my Saturday, but I think I will have supper with the Grand Girls and family.

I will leave you today on a good note - a little email excerpt from my Marine cousin who will be home at the end of Sept. Here is what he had to say on how the troops are doing:

The IAs are doing great. 1st Bn opened the Ramadi soccer stadium and started a 2 week soccer tournament. The stadium hasn't been opened in over 4 years because of enemy control of that area. I wasn't able to go, but Ryan said there were over 500 people there. Of course, Iraqi soccer is huge right now. Not sure if you saw, but the Iraqi national team won the Asia Cup over rivals Saudi Arabia. Huge, huge, huge win. The country went bananas. I saw grown Iraqi officers bawling - the kind of joyful tears that could only stem from a joy that has so long been supressed. It was so cool to watch - something wonderful coming to this country that's been devoid of it for so long. One of the highlights of the year. After the game, hundreds of jundis rushed the Bde headquarters and pulled Gen Abdullah out into the courtyard to help lead cheers and songs. It was incredible. It wasn't that long ago that national athletes were punished for losing games and fans were shipped to games at the ends of weapons to "put on a good face" for national media - that was under the Sadaam regime.

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Buck Pennington said...

...and a slice of Edward's key lime pie.

I have an Edwards Key Lime pie in my fridge, as we speak! Mmmmm.

I can relate to those Iraqi officers (re: tears of joy); I felt exactly the same when the Wings won The Cup in '97...for the first time in nearly 50 years. And I was out if public, too, which made it sorta embarrassing, to say the least! But I suspect there was a whole lot more at work in Iraq than "just" the Asian championship. Good ON 'em, and good FOR 'em, too.