Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bits and Pieces

First of all, let me say that I am blogging from Jesse's computer because mine is not letting me post. When I try to post, I get an error message. This is really frustrating for me because I would like to fix my puter by myself, but I just don't know how. If I were more of a puter geek, I would be all over this (I'd have a much more exciting blog too). Jesse and Toby could probably fix things, but after working at computers all day long, they don't really want to deal with my petty problems. Maybe I should boycott - not fix dinner or do laundry until my computer is working properly - that would go over really well.

After going to the storage unit and digging through the suitcases, I did not find my camera cord to download (or upload, which ever word fits) my photos. Then last night I found the cord in the backpack here at the house. I put the pics on my computer, but I would have to use my memory stick to move things around from one computer to the other - because my computer will not let me post (maybe if I say that a few more times...). I may be too lazy today and just post more of Jesse's vacation pics from her computer.

Upon arriving home Saturday, I started having breathing problems. My chest felt heavy. I felt like I was getting a cold, but it may be allergies. My son said I was just used to breathing thinner air - that this heavier, humid air was too much for me. Okay, I will buy that. I need to go back to the mountains. Then yesterday my allergies hit me like a mac truck causing me to sneeze continuously. My eyes are swollen and red. Jesse is having the same problems. While at Wal-Mart I tried to buy more than my share of drugs and was told I could not have that much. So, Jesse will have to buy the Sudafed since I bought the Drixoral. I am sure the police will be out to the farm to check us out soon.

I had one of those "ranch moments" yesterday afternoon that I always dread. Toby asked me to drive the truck and pull the tractor out of the barn. Although we have been married for 30 years and I can almost read his mind, these things usually do not go well. It actually turned out okay. We had to pull the tractor backwards first and then move the truck around the barn and pull the tractor forward. Then I pulled him across the pasture to the propane tank (it's a propane tractor). When we got to the tank, he asked me why I pulled him so slow. I told him next time, I would give him the ride of his life! He just says things like that to set me off, and he always does.

After the tractor incident, I went back into the house sneezing and rubbing my eyes. A few minutes later, I saw him come out of the barn with his motorcycle. I wondered how he was going to cut the grass with a motorcycle. It turns out the tractor has a leak in the fuel hose and is not going to run until it is fixed. So, Toby decided to ride his scooter instead. I waited patiently for "the call." Sure enough, he called to say he was down the road and was out of gas. Then, of course, the motorcycle would not start even after I took him a container of gasoline. A few trips back and forth to the house for tools later, he had it running. He said, "It is just like a Baggett to go from one piece of junk to another."

When Jesse came home, she was mad that her dad did not wait on her to ride motorcycles, and she laughed that he had broken down. While we were in Canada, she bought herself a little 250 Kawasaki (is that right?). This last weekend she took a motorcycle class in Lawton. It was a beginner class, but it really gave her much needed confidence on her bike. Ssshe said she also learned that it is not good to sneeze in your full face helmet. She loved the class and took pics. She is ready for some action now!

And speaking of Jes, she was interviewed and had an article written and put in the Sunday Duncan Banner as "Artist of the Month." They took a horrible photo of her and blew it up huge. Like my article last year, they wrote some pretty odd stuff and misquoted her, but still, it is fun. I wanted to give the link, but when you go to the Duncan Banner website, her article is not there. I think maybe the "Lifestyle" page runs a week late. I will try to get it posted soon - if I can. Jesse is a great artist and deserves some attention for her art.

Now for some photos...with a mountain theme.


Shelly said...

I fully understand the computer issue, with my husband being an IT guy my issues are always the last to get worked on. What is the saying, "the cobbler son has no shoes"


Becky said...

Sounds like you had a busy day, and the girls had a lot of fun! I'm sorry about your allergies kicking up. Been there, done that. Allegra is now my best friend.

Sean from DocintheBox said...

Hope you're feeling better, I hear you about not having the right codes, these days, I carry around a multiple type card reader because I don't know if I'm going to switch cameras mid tour. Your whole family sounds like they had fun.

Buck Pennington said...

Great pics again...especially the one of the girls in Yosemite. The scenery there is simply spectacular!

I'm not cursed with allergies, but I hear Jesse when she says it's not good to sneeze in a full-face helmet. Neither is getting a bee caught inside one while you're under way. When the latter happens bystanders and/or folks following you think you're afflicted with St. Vitus Dance...

I wish I could help you with your 'puter, Lou. But since I can't, I'll just go on the record as thinking a strike is a fine idea! Easy to say when I'm not on the receiving end of said strike...but the end justifies the means, and all that.