Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Busy Day

Taking Jesse's Scion to Lawton to have the oil changed turned into an all day affair. I left the house at 8 AM and did not return until 4 PM. The oil change went smoothly, it was all those other errands that I decided to do while in town that took so long. Such is life in the country - you have to take advantage of every trip to town.

The cold/allergy thing is much better today although my eyes still look like I've been on a three day drunk. I don't think I have ever been on a three day drunk, but my eyes are red. What is that line in Cat Ballou? I think someone says to Lee Marvin, who is an ex-gunslinger and drunk, "Your eyes look really bad!" Lee Marvin answers back, "You should see them from my side."

Good News

My cousin, Major Jim Lively of the USMC, is home from Iraq. He did a years tour with an army unit training Iraqi military. He will be residing near DC for the next year while he does some sort of Congressional stint and spends time with his lovely bride Ariel. They were married last summer just a few months before he shipped out. As some of you know, my cousin refused to blog, but he did send some mass emails during his time in Iraq. If you ever think milblogs are not appreciated, think again. I have been reading Desert Flier, who was also on his way home from the Sandbox. His trip home must have been very similar to my cousin's - in fact, they left Kuwait and arrived home on the same day. Also I read Iraq Parti,who is just arriving in Iraq, but coming in the same way that my cousin must have been leaving. My cousin mentioned getting to see the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders at TQ. Iraq Parti also mentioned getting to see the DCC there - they may have been sitting together!. Iraq Parti seems to think his blog is too mundane and no one wants to read such dull stuff as life in a FOB. Boy, is he wrong. Reading about the day to day life of our military folks is what I like. It makes me feel like I know what is really going on in Iraq. I also read Jason who just got a big shipment of birthday presents while in Iraq. He was genuinely surprised and happy. Reading his blog encouraged me to continue to send packages and letters even when my soldier does not write back. All of these blogs are an encouragement to me - they show what fine young people are serving in our military.

Buck recently got a new motorcycle. Go over to his blog and take a look and give him a congratulations. Here's to Buck. (Picture of Jes in Napa Valley)


Catherine said...

Lou, I'm a little belated in welcoming you home from the great white north! You're right...the days have been super busy and the pollen exceedingly high this year. Thanks for all the pics, wonderful stories, and now the Cat Ballou quote! Are you headed this way any time soon? Would LOVE to visit with you and maybe try that three-day drunk fest! (just teasing...I couldn't drink like that if my life depended on it, though I do enjoy a glass of good red wine or two, okay 3 :)

Congrats to Buck on his new "toy!" And Jesse too! What adventuresome souls! Gotta love it!

Buck Pennington said...

I got a "404" when trying to go to Iraq Parti...I hope he didn't take the blog down. It's good your cousin Jim is home; the next time you e-mail him please extend my thanks and my "welcome home!", too.

I'm glad your allergies are better today. It must be terrible to suffer like that. And thanks for the link!!

Buck Pennington said...

Woops! Published, rather than previewed that last. (That'll teach me to comment before I'm fully caffeinated.) Thanks for the kind words, Catherine!

Bag Blog said...

Buck,I fixed the problem with the link on Iraq Partii - two i's instead of one - need to wear my glasses when blogging. It should work now - thanks for letting me know.

Catherine, I'm glad you had time to comment - I was worried about you.

Becky said...

Jason's blog is the one I got a 404 error on. Thanks for linking these great blogs.