Thursday, September 27, 2007

Toby's Canada Photos

Sometimes we actually let Toby loose with a camera. We rarely give him the digital, expensive camera (nor do we let him buy expensive sunglasses), but we do let him use the pocket canon which does take some nice shots. One of my errands yesterday was to get the film developed from the camera that Toby used. For the most part he did absolutely great - like this panorama of the mountains with Lake Minnewanka in the background. Then he took this silly shot of a chipmunk who dove out of the picture just as Toby snapped the shot (you can just see the blur going by). I was watching him take this picture. It was as if the Chipmunk posed and then hid on purpose. And yes, I laughed and gave Toby a hard time. Too bad he could not just delete it (hehe). He took a shot of me when we got to the top of Sulphur Mountain on our long hike. He caught me huffing and puffing, and that is one photo you will not get to see and one that I wish we could have viewed before we printed it. With my digital camera, I took a great one of him at the top grinning as if he had just conquered the world.

Another nice thing about his camera is that it is small and fits in his pocket. He was able to whip it out and take this photo of an old Rambler in the Kensington area of Calgary. My parents had a couple of Ramblers when I was very young, but I remember them well. Seeing this old car brought back lots of memories - like Craig and I fighting in the back seat on long trips or fighting over who would get to set in the front seat with Mom on short trips and laying the passenger seat all the way back and going back and forth from the front to the back seat (something we did with Mom, but never Dad).

Mom and Dad bought a 64' Chevy Biscayne to replace the Rambler. We drove that car until Craig was a senior in high school, and then he drove it off to college. He was still driving it years later after he graduated from college and he married Tish. The Biscayne was like family, but the Rambler was cool.

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Buck Pennington said...

I think Toby "done good" with the pics.

And as for us not seeing the pic of you huffing and puffing...well, never say never. I'm assuming Toby has access to your 'puter and, of course, your blog.

Just sayin'. ;-)