Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blogging in Public

My routine has to been to get on the hotel computer in the morning to check my email and blog comments. Sometimes I post from the lobby -sometimes I wait until Toby gets home to use his laptop in our hotel room. The lobby computer has some odd problemas and is slow. For instance, I cannot go to Shelly's blog without locking up the computer. And it takes forever to get Buck's blog to come up. The comings and goings in the lobby are also a distraction. Sometimes you feel like people are looking over your shoulder, and sometimes I am listening in on conversations that are not my business. Yesterday, some people were trying to check in. but the hotel clerk got upset - something to do with the room still being occupied. The guest was very patient and just trying to find out what the problem was exactly. Was there someone in the room? No. Did they check out? No. So what was the problem? Who knows, but the clerk started crying and complaining about other employees - very unprofessional. Sometimes the lobby is more interesting, but sometimes I just want to get the heck out of Dodge. I'm looking forward to sitting in my robe, drinking my coffee, playing with my dogs, and blogging at my leisure. Although Toby's laptop is very nice, it will be good to have my own puter to play with as I want.

I am headed off to do some shopping and meet Toby for lunch. The temp is only suppose to bet up to 11 Celsius with possibilities of rain. Tomorrow will be a warmer day, but I will be packing and grinning.


Shelly said...

I have been working on my blog, I hate how long it takes to come up. I don't know what the problem is.

Buck Pennington said...

...but I will be packing and grinning.

Cue up Carly singing the ketchup song: "Annn-tiss-eh-PAY-shun...";-)

Re: public computers. They DO leave a lot to be desired. I wasn't blogging when my laptop died a couple of years back, but I was reading blogs and relied heavily on my 'puter for e-mail and a few other things (like financial stuff). I used the Portales library computers, and to a much lesser extent, the computers at the Base library...which were MUCH better (why is that, I wonder?). It was a right-royal pain in the nether regions to get stuff done. And that lasted over a month, but tis quite another story, one of treachery and incompetence...