Monday, September 17, 2007


I''m a people person. I could watch people all day long, but this weekend, I think I had more than my share of people. Saturday afternoon, we decided to take the LRT out to a shopping mall. It would be something to do, sights to see, and we needed a few things. The LRT system was having some maintenance done and the wait for the train was long. It was hot waiting in the sun for the train - sweat rolling off my face. The crowd was thick when we finally got on a train. It was warm - no air conditioning and standing room only on the LRT. Although this may make me sound snobby, I'm going to say it anyway. The passengers were not the usual downtowners. They were a lower class folk, not too pretty, not too clean, not too classy. Maybe it was the area or the mall that we were headed to. The two big department stores were Sears and Wal-Mart. Nothing wrong with those stores, but they are the cheaper dept. stores - and they were packed. Maybe it was just the heat and the constant jostling I took on the train that made me irritable. I was hit several times with backpacks and shopping bags. There were some highlights like the two older oriental ladies that Toby gave his seat to. They chattered away obviously arguing about where to get off because they went back and forth nearly bumping into each other trying to decide. I was glad to get away from the mall and the LRT. Toby and I had a disagreement about supper. We actually both wanted to go out for a beer and dinner, but he thought I was tired and wanted to go home. Why would I want to go home and cook if Iwere tired? We got it all worked out and had a very pleasant dinner, beer, and walk in the park.

Sunday we decided to take the LRT to Heritage Park - different direction from previous day. The ride out was easy with very few people. We then took a city bus to the park. It all went well. It was the ride back that was more interesting. There was the young couple with a toddler whom they let feed himself chocolate pudding. It kept us all entertained. The other interesting couple was a man and a...well, I'm not sure. It was obviously a man in drag. He was kind of pretty in an odd way - shoulder length blond hair, too much make-up, spiked high-heel boots - I was kind of jealous. It was the voice and the view from the rear that gave him/her away. They sat opposite from Toby and I. I was fascinated. I'm not sure what Toby thought, but the LRT was much more fun on Sunday than it was on Saturday.

This evening I will post more pics from Heritage Park. It was the trains that were most fascinating.


Buck Pennington said...

Although this may make me sound snobby...

Not at ALL. It is what it is, and sometimes it ain't good, where there are masses of people involved. I enjoy people-watching too, and my favorite venue for that sort of activity is the sidewalk cafe, of which there aren't many in the US of A. A shame, that. And the food court at your average mall just can't compare. Maybe it's the fact that I like a beer with my people watching, or perhaps one sees more variety "on the street" than in the mall, I dunno.

People-watching on the River Walk in San Antonio was one of the best things about my trip there last Fall...and I spent a lot of time doing just that. (And drinking margaritas while I was at it, too...) ;-)

I'm glad your evening worked out well, Lou!

Shelly said...

I love people watching, especially in another city.. We were in New York recently on the subway and I felt the same way, depending on where we were going, what a difference in the passengers..


the friendly neighborhood piper said...

I'll have to tell ya about my drag incident sometime when i was driving a cab. You may have never known me since i would be doing hard time now.