Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More photos

We saw this "Texas Gate" sign several times and had to take a picture.

Toby and I were hungry when we finally made it to the summit - the burgers were not particularly good at the cafe, but we wolfed them down like they were the best.

You might can see the snow in this picture of Toby on the observation deck.

Here is another pic of Lake Louise. I wanted to prove that Toby did take a few pictures with me in them. It was a rather cool morning, and I have multiple shirts and my hands drawn up in my sleeves.

At the end of Lake Louise, the trail continues - the waterfall is as far as we made it.


Buck Pennington said...

Hey Lou...what's the significance of all the national flags plaques on the observation deck (i.e., your third picture)? I find it interesting the Scottish national flag is displayed in close proximity to the British flag... Is this another nod to the origins of the founders of the Canadian-Pacific RR?

Bag Blog said...

Good question, Buck. I don't have the answer, but will see what I can come up with. I would assume you are correct and it has to do with the Scottish founders of the CPRR

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Uncle Buck,
There is a HEAVY Scottish influence in Canada. Hence, Nova Scotia. The bagpipe bands that compete in the world competition in Edinburgh from Canada take top honors every year.