Wednesday, September 12, 2007


According to my sitemeter, I have been getting lots of hits on my blog from Calgary. People are googling "Calgary Aphids" and coming to my blog. I feel rather bad since I wrote about bugs in my beer - certainly nothing scientific going on here. I bet people are very disappointed, but it is rather funny.

Calgary had a very beautiful day yesterday with temps around 23 Celsius. Today it is raining with a high of about 11, and a low of about -2. I am loving the weather - beats the heck out of Okie weather right now. Toby does have to walk to work, but I think he likes it too. Last night we walked through the park and then back into the downtown area to find something to eat. We ate Italian food at a bar/grill type place. Most places here in downtown Calgary seem to be bar/grills with a heavy emphasis on bar. I guess it is a city thing.


Ashley Williams said...

Our Okie weather is not so bad right now. It is kinda like a Red River/Angel Fire summer. Warm intense sun with a nice cool breeze. We have had the windows open two days in a row in September! Not Canada weather but at least it is not 100ยบ

catherine said...

Have you stopped in for coffee and donuts at any Tim Horton's? A definite Canadian MUST experience!

Buck Pennington said...

Most places here in downtown Calgary seem to be bar/grills with a heavy emphasis on bar.

You're right: I really WOULD like it in Calgary! (Well, in the summer/Fall, anyway...)

Tim Horton: Legendary hockey player (and purveyor of donuts).

Shelly said...

Sounds fun.. Not the bugs in the beer though..

Anonymous said...

Seriously, its been sunny with highs around 80 degrees here in OK the last couple of days. Perfect weather, especially for riding motorcycles.


Bag Blog said...

We have eaten at Tim Horton's once. There is a coffe shop on every street corner. And if there is not a coffee shop, there is a bar/grill. Right up your alley, Buck.

Today the high will be about 21 - beautiful.