Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Own Personal Busker

I met a busker today in the park. We had a nice conversation. He was lots of fun. I asked him why there were so many homeless people here in Calgary. He did not seem to think there were that many, but offered a few thoughts. He said the high cost of housing is the main reason. He said that he lives in a shelter, but did not offer his own story. No, we discussed the origin of the word busker. He thought it was an old word - Shakespeare type word. I have my doubts.


Catherine said...

Lou, I love the way you reach out to life and to all her sweet souls -- your very own busker! You are experiencing Calgary the way it should be experienced! Enjoy your days and DO make that trek to Banff/Jasper.

We're headed to NM tomorrow (with Moms too!). Should be a wonderful get away for all of us!

Buck Pennington said...

I did a little googling on the etymology of "busk" and its derivatives, and the best I came up with is this:

busk etymology
[Earlier, to be an itinerant performer, probably from busk, to go about seeking, cruise as a pirate, perhaps from obsolete French busquer, to prowl, from Italian buscare, to prowl, or Spanish buscar, to seek, from Old Spanish boscar.]

My $0.02. The interesting bit, to me, was the "cruise as a pirate" thing. This tells me Toby could have a leg up if he decides to go into busking. ;-)

Anyway. Great pic and an even better experience, well-told!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks for the word orign on buskers. I find it interesting. And Ilaughed out loud at your Toby the Pirate joke.

Shelly said...

Well between your busker story and Bucks two cents, I learned alot. We have a mountain town that has them on the walk mall during the summer. It is great fun.. They also have a buskerfest in October..