Thursday, September 06, 2007

Here is to bugs in your beer!

We heard from Jesse today who is in the San Francisco area. Here is what she had to say:

Hello Mudder,Hello Fadder
We also went to San Fransisco, yesterday. I really think you guys would enjoy it. It has a foreign feel to it - it reminded me a little tiny bit of Florence, but much funkier. Joe used to be a Marine, so we got to stay in the Marine Memorial Hotel which is a wonderful old building in the downtown area. We walked through China Town (I bought Lizzie a Chinese outfit), and Little Italy, Fisherman's Warf, we rode the cable car, and drove across the golden gate bridge, we walked up Lombard Street, and gawked at the wierdos (they were comparable to Taos' weirdos). The whole experience was awesome!

Today we went to Napa Valley, and did some wine tasting. It was Gloria Ferra (or something like that) and they made sparkling wine which you know I love! The rest of the trip was a little blurry... Nah, I'll show you the pictures - it was absolutely gorgeous out there! Ya'll will have to go to Napa sometime too. Mom, you could paint while Dad drank! I think we are going to have to build our hacienda hay house and plant a vineyard! After you see the pictures, you'll be inspired too.

I feel like an orphan. Lindsay and Reagan are always on the phone with friends and family, and no one calls me :( Janice insists on talking to me when she calls which makes me feel a little better. Don't pay me no never mind! I love you guys!

Poor little thing! My little orphan is having a great time, but no one calls her. I would feel rather sad, but she seems to be having a great time. Thanks, Janice, for talking to my baby. And Jes, as to the me painting and Dad drinking, well, I thought that's what we were doing. In fact, I spent the day painting in the park. Then last night we walked around the park ending up at Joey Tomatoes - Mediterranean cuisine with an outdoor patio for eating. We had probably the best meal we have had in Calgary. We had huge burgers and fries with a pitcher of wheat beer. It was a wonderful evening. Your dad has loved all of the specialty beers here in Canada. He just wishes he had Jay and Bo to share them with. Drinking and painting has been great here.

There is an aphid problem here in Calgary. Aphids are basically gnats. Due to the warm weather they are prospering. Sitting outside to eat is often difficult with them flying around your food and your face. I have inhaled a few while bike riding and talking while we walk. I may have snorted a few too or possibly I have just had a few sinus problems. I don't mind really, except when they dive into my beer which they did last night. I would really rather not drink a bug. It brought back a childhood memory of Red River.

The town of RR used to have a town picnic in the spring before the summer season kicked off. It was held at the old golf course. There was lots of food -burgers and hot dogs cooked on a bonfire. There was lots of beer. I remember a wild baseball game with players like Johnny Mutz, my dad, and others who had had too much to drink. But one thing that has always stuck in my mind was Don Carmichael drinking beer and a bug flew into it. He was so silly saying that the bug was going to drink up all his beer. Don was my friend BG's step-dad at the time. He was good looking, charming and very tipsy. I was only about 9 years old and was fascinated. Anyway, the bug in the beer brought back some special memories of that picnic in Red. They no longer have the annual picnic, but they should.


Laurie said...

"Drinking and painting has been great here."

This made me laugh out loud :)

Jo Castillo said...

Hey, we are always ready for drinking wine and painting. Let us know when you are in Central Texas. :)


Bag Blog said...

Jo, I do get to Central Texas now and then, but not often. I will definitely let you know.

catherine said...

Lou...tell Toby to order a Sleeman's of the best Canadian brews I've had! And no bugs!

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

ahhh beer...nectar of the gods. Keep on imbibing it will help your painting. Not that there's anything wrong with it now, apparently you've been following the Beer Dr's. RX.