Thursday, September 06, 2007

Paintings of the Week

I am going to go ahead and post my paintings this evening rather than tomorrow. It is just easier posting from Toby's laptop (I don't have one). I Use the hotel computer during the day while Toby is at work, but I am not sure about doing photos from it. It can be kind of jickie.
All three of these paintings are more of my experiencing with the new Yupo paper. I am not sure I have the hang of it. The first painting is one of the flower baskets that hang in the park. My painting does not do them justice. They are simply gorgeous. The second painting is a small part of the Bow River that runs on one side of Prince's Island. You will notice that the sky is cloudy - that is because I either held the paper there with my greasy fingers or erased something - both are no-nos on the Yupo paper. The third painting is of the playground at the park, and the last painting is a simple flower painting. The last two were done plein aire.


Jo Castillo said...

Nice paintings, I envy your watercolor expertise.


Buck Pennington said...

So, what's the verdict on the yupo paper, now that you've used it quite a bit? Is it your new standard, or just something "different" that you'll use from time to time?

I remain amazed at the difference in looking at the paintings on the blog page and looking at them "real size." Just how you do what you do is a mystery to me, but I sure am glad you DO it...and that you share your work with your readers.

Thanks, Lou.

Bag Blog said...

The Yupo paper is fun. It is easy in some ways because you can wipe off or take out the color after putting it down. The bad news is that it does not blend like the usual watercolor and sometimes wipes off when you do not want it too. It also causes you to paint differently than on regular paper - then when you go back to regular paper, you feel kind of lost. I think it will be great when you want a loose, bright painting, but I will probably not use it all of the time.

Shelly said...

They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing..

Jo Castillo said...

I found a link on Anna's page that I like. His gallery is in Calgary. He is a fantasy artist, but check his landscapes.

Jonathan Bowser

Might be something to check out sometime.