Thursday, September 13, 2007

Paintings of the Week

This is a painting of Lake Louise. The other is a painting of one of the houses in Kensington. Both are done on regular watercolor. Please excuse the odd angle of the second photo.

A funny thing happened today. I had a plan to meet Toby at 11:45 in front of his office building and have lunch with him. I looked at my watch at 11:30 and thought if I left then, I would have plenty of time to walk to his office. His building is only one block up and three blocks over. As I neared his office, I looked at my watch again and thought, "Gee, I have lots of time. I think I will turn into this boutique and look around." The boutique was not too impressive so I came out quickly thinking, "Wow, I am going to have to sit and wait since I have so much time." But as I got in front of the building, Toby was waiting on me (Toby does not wait well). His first words were, "What part of 11:45 do you not understand?" I showed him my watch which showed I had plenty of time - in fact it still said 11:30. Then he showed me his watch which said 12:00. I felt rather silly and said, "Oh, I guess my watch has quit working." Then I started laughing, which is my usual reaction. I told Toby, "You know, it did not take me any time at all to walk here!"


catherine said...

Wonderful paintings, Lou! I was so hoping you would paint Lake Louise! It's appropriately named...Lake Lou..ise -- you both reflect gentle beauty and radiant energy!

Shelly said...

Lou they are great, How long does it take you to paint one of them?


Bag Blog said...

The painting of Lake Louise is very small - like most of my weekly paintings it is done on a postcard. The other paintings is bout a 9x12. It took me much longer because it was more difficult to draw. The mountains and lake were pretty simple. I may do a larger painting later.

Buck Pennington said...

Nice, Lou, especially the Lake Louise painting.

FWIW, I don't wait well, either, but I think it's the military in me. We used to have a saying in the AF: "If you're early, you're on time; if you're on time, you're LATE; and if you're late, you're (screwed)."

The one thing that consistently drove me bonkers about private industry was the cavalier attitude towards punctuality exhibited by nearly everyone I came into contact with. It got the point where dirty looks and pointed comments no longer worked, if they ever did. I tried locking people out of those meetings where I was in charge if they weren't in place at the appointed time. Which, of course, was fine with some people. No one really likes meetings, anyway. I never really found an answer to this problem, other than "grin and bear it."

It's still a hot button, obviously!

Bag Blog said...

The ironic thing about Toby not waiting well is that he is the one who is usually on "Toby Time" which means he is not aware of time, and I am the one usually waiting. I am rarely to never late because I hate it. I can make everyone crazy wanting to be early. Yesterday, was unusual. Toby gave me a pretty hard time about it, too. In fact, I told him that I had apologized several times and he had better get over it quickly. Normally I laugh, but I will fight if provoked.

Becky said...

I love the Lake Louise painting. In fact, all the paintings you have done here recently have been outstanding.