Friday, September 14, 2007

The workings of my mind

One of the luxuries of living in a hotel is cable TV. I have been watching lots of old movies while I paint. Some people like silence or music while they paint, but I like noise. Maybe that is why I like my art class so much. Anyway, the other day I started to watch a movie called "Because They're Young" about a high school. What caught my eye was all of the young famous actors and actresses. Then there was Dick Clark as the main character - a teacher wanting to help his students. Wow, I did not know Dick Clark was ever an actor. One of the other characters was a young handsome blond. I could not think of his name, but I knew he was famous. Later that night, Toby and I sat down to watch a war movie called "The Enemy Below" with Robert Mitchum. I was telling Toby about the movie earlier in the day with all of the young famous stars. Once again, I could not think of names. Then there on the war movie was the same young blond actor. I kept trying to tell Toby who he was - you know, he played in a western; he is famous. Toby did not have a clue, and I could not come up with his name or the name of the series he was on. Frustrating! Then after Toby left for work the next day, I was sitting there reading a book with the TV on when I suddenly said, "Doug McClure, The Virginian." Now why did my mind work like that when I least expected it?

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Buck Pennington said...

Now why did my mind work like that when I least expected it?

I can't answer that, except to say my mind works (?) in the same way...