Monday, October 15, 2007

In case you missed me

Friday was spent with my mom in Wichita Falls. It had been a long time since I had gone to WF to spend time with her and do "mom things" and she had quite the list for me. Probably the funniest chore she had for me was fixing her flower cart that has set in her back yard for about ten years. The boards in it are completely rotten. The whole thing needs to be re-done, but we decided to just replace one board in the bottom of the cart so that the flower pots would not fall through. This required me to climb around in the dusty, musty storeroom looking for lumber to use on the cart. The lumber was, of course, in the back of the storeroom. Mom said, "Just step over that Christmas tree box." I gave her the look that said, "My legs are only 30 inches long" (maybe shorter) and started climbing over the box rather than stepping. It reminded me of when I was a kid and playing in the dirt was no problem. I needed a 45 inch, 2x10 and actually found one, but when I handed it to Mom, she was worried that the board would be too heavy for the rotted cart. I found a 1x8 that she thought would work perfectly (whatever she wanted was fine with me). We moved boxes off of Dad's old table saw. His skill saw, which would have been the thing to use, seems to have been stolen at some point (Mom lives in a terrible neighborhood). I easily cut the board covering my sweaty self in sawdust. Mom just laughed at me; it must have been the look on my face or the fact that I had to spit sawdust. We managed to nail the board in place although the wood was so rotted. It will do for now. It was a good day with Mom.

Saturday, Jesse wanted to do some shopping. I never pass up a chance to spend the day with my daughter - those times are beginning to be few and far between. She wanted to shop in WF, so it was back to TX we went. We picked up Mom and headed to Target. I had two fights with Mom in the first 30 minutes we were there. It didn't seem to bother Mom, but my lack of patience really bothered me. Maybe it was my allergies and medications. Maybe I was tired from my restless night and early rising do to my allergies. Maybe it was hormones. Maybe I just needed a good fight. Maybe it was deja vu - all of those shopping trips when I was a little girl with Mom choosing my clothes...Whatever it was, it made me have to work at "being good".

GBN1 spent the night with me Saturday night. She was great. Sunday morning I made her some coffee/milk. She sat in Toby's big chair with her little legs crossed and sipped on her coffee as if she were a princess doing "big girl" stuff. Having GBN1 around was lots of fun, but there was no time to blog with her here. Sunday evening was my first chance to spend some time on the computer. I spent the evening running scans trying to fix the blogging problem. The scans did not cure the ailment. I may need professional help - maybe in more ways than one.


Jenny said...

Well, it sounds like a busy weekend at any rate. How far is WF from where you are?

Buck Pennington said...

I may need professional help - maybe in more ways than one.

Good have NO idea how many times I've thought that!! This morning! ;-)

Bag Blog said...

Jenny, WF is about an hour and fifteen minutes from my house to my mom's.

Buck, I don't always tell how often I have that feeling. It does scare me when I find myself becomeing my mother who has become her Aunt Mildred.

catherine said...

Oh goodie...I've got some boards I need replaced on this old stool and wooden bird house that sit in my herb garden! Can't wait to see you & Jesse on your way through to CC! :)

Bag Blog said...

Catherine, you jest, but if you want to see some real excitement just have Craig and I work together on such a project.