Monday, October 08, 2007

Lubbock Trip

The trip to Lubbock and Lee's funeral were very peaceable. With two separate families - step families who have rarely seen each other in the last 20 years - coming together for a funeral, things can be a little intense. With the exception of a few odd moments that are not worth mentioning, the funeral went off without a hitch. Lee was a retired firefighter. The Lubbock Fire Dept. carried his coffin on one of the firetrucks with a police escort and lights flashing. Firemen in their dress uniforms acted as pallbearers and a piper played the bagpipes for a very moving ceremony. The fire bell was rung (5-5-5) for a fallen fireman, and Lee was laid to rest.

Lubbock weather could have been a little better. Hot and windy with temps in the 90's was not fun. It did not seem like October at all. With a house full of people, the air conditioner ran all day. The best time of the day was early morning when we had coffee on the patio as Lee loved to do. GBN1 had some serious mosquito bites from playing outside during our coffee time. On Saturday afternoon the families gathered around the TV to watch football - such a Texas tradition. It was homecoming for Texas Tech, but the game was not until Saturday evening. Toby and I had to leave before that in order to get home, re-pack, and send Toby off to Houston. As we drove home Saturday night, we listened to different college football games. For a while, I thought OSU was going to beat A&M, but it was not to be. And as far as the big Texas vs. OU game, nothing is better than a humble T-sip.
One of the really good things about our trip to Lubbock was seeing lots of Toby's family. It may seem a bit odd, but I did run around taking photos - well, everyone was dressed up and we get together so rarely...My familia
Toby's sisters and aunt
Me doing my grandma impression


Buck Pennington said...

Me doing my grandma impression

Impression!?! "The real thing," I'd say.

I'm glad things worked out well, Lou. And yeah, the weather this weekend really wasn't nice at all, was it? True to form, it's much better now that you're not in the area any longer. It was 48 degrees and calm this morning when I rolled out... I'll be taking MY coffee inside today. At least the first three cups, anyway.

Becky said...

I'm glad to hear your trip went well. Strange how families never seem to get together until there is a funeral. At my dad's funeral, I saw cousins I hadn't seen in 20 years. Great family photos, by the way.

We won't talk about the Texas-Oklahoma game. (grumble He fumbled on the four yard line! grumble)