Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Some of you may not have ever seen an old fashioned baptism. Last Sunday our church had a special time of baptism. Since our church does not have a baptistery, we all gather at one of the local lakes for the baptism service and fellowship. This usually happens about once or twice a year - warm weather. After the baptism, there is usually lots of visiting under a near by pavilion. Kids play running around the area - some taking advantage of being at the lake and going swimming. GBN1 was determined to stand between these two tree trunks and maybe climb. Her other grandmother was determined that she not climb the trees. The artist in me saw that it would be a great photo - so I snapped this before GBN1 got snapped up by her Nana. Notice the mosquito bites from the Lubbock trip.

Computer question:

Most of you know that I am not the most computer literate blogger, and I need help now and then. I am wanting to gather photos of my art and put them in one place to be viewed by the Internet world. Kris has a her photography on a separate page - nicely done. Jo has her art on a separate website with a link to it on her blog. She is sending me some free websites for artists. In the meantime, does anyone have any great advice for displaying my art on the net or on my blog?

Speaking of art, I am starting my young people's art classes today. Having my young students here is always a fun. This year I am considering an "older ladies" class. We will see if that comes together.


Buck Pennington said...

re: Computer question. I don't think you can do what you want to do on Blogger, Lou. Not without creating a separate blog and then linking to it in/on your sidebar. Other blogging platforms, like WordPress (what Lex uses) and Squarespace (what Kris uses) will allow you create separate pages within your blog. But they aren't nearly as "user friendly" as Blogger...no matter what they say. Kris may have a different opinion, as she actually uses the platform...I don't. But I've looked at both of the platforms I've mentioned and decided to stay with Blogger...FWIW.

Jo Castillo said...

This baptism looks more fun than I remember. :)

I posted about ideas for web pages, photos, etc. today. Hope it helps.


Kris, in New England said...

Lou - thank you for the compliment! I like SquareSpace - it's very user friendly, especially for a novice blogger like myself. My photography section is an entire module provided by SquareSpace. So while it is cool, it took no skill on my part to add it to my site.

Then again - I never tried or looked at any other providers. Truth be told, SquareSpace had a banner ad on Lex's site at the end of last year - I choose it because I knew Lex would get some kind of small fee for the account I set up.