Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Something Fun

Yesterday was the first day that it felt like fall was finally here. Last night I slept with a window open rather than under the air conditioner. Now if I could just get my allergies under control, I would be a happy camper. Taking advantage of the cooler air, I replanted some tiny pine trees that we had planted earlier this year. We had planted them out in the pasture where our future house would be, but it was difficult to take care of them or cut the hay around them. I thought it would be easier for everyone if they were just planted in the front yard where I could water and care for them. I took six giant steps between each tree to space them across the front lawn (hay pasture). When I turned to look back at what I had planted and count off the next tree, one of my trees was completely gone. My Great Dane puppy was being so helpful - she was enjoying gardening too. She found great pleasure in pulling up the tiny trees. I did not take pleasure in her gardening with me. We had a little discipline time, and then I replanted the replanted trees.

I wanted to post a fun photo - something to make people smile. I found this photo of Jesse in her California pictures. The girls took turns frolicking in the surf taking photos of each other. They seem to be having a great time. What is really funny to me is the guy in the back ground. He is in many of the photos just standing there watching. I wonder what was thinking.
My mother and her friends are going to NY City in December. I have been invited to go. This is something I really want to do - something I have always wanted to do. Years ago, Toby and I played in a company golf tournament (yes, I can wack a white ball now and then). The prizes in the tournament were great. I won a weekend at the Palmer Hotel in Chicago, which we ended up giving to someone else because we could not make the trip in the allotted time frame. But one of the prizes won by another employee was a trip to NY City. The person who won the trip acted as if it were a big let down. I jumped and squealed and said I would take the trip for them. I guess I was too enthusiastic, because they decided that maybe going to NY would be fun after all and kept their prize. Now, maybe I will get to make that trip - Yeha!


Buck Pennington said...

NYC is a fun place...and the best restaurant city in the US of A, bar none. I'd go for that one reason alone, but there are oh-so-many others!! The weather is dicey, at best, in December and can make the ferry ride out to the Statue of Liberty an adventure...just to cite one example.

Bottom line tho: Cool.

I think that guy in the pic was doing what any red-blooded American male would do when confronted with lovely women playing in the surf: he stopped to watch. But I haven't (a) seen the other pics and (b) that IS near SFO (right?) who knows? ;-)

catherine said...

Even though the weather will be COLD in Dec., the Christmas lights and window displays are worth the trip. As an artist, you'll be amazed at what they do with the store displays. I remember standing in Macey's, looking at a Christmas tree (made out of baskets -- all filled with neat stuff) that rose all the way to the tip, tip top of the bldg, and wondered, "how'd da do dat?"

Laurie said...

The first thing I noticed about the pic was the guy staring. LOL! If you go to NYC in December, then you will have gone another place I've never been :)

Bag Blog said...

It looks like I will get to go to NY in December. It may be cold, but it should be beautiful. I better start dieting so that I can splurge when I get to the city.

Laurie and Buck, there were about seven pictures with the same guy just standing there watching before you see him turn and walk off. I thought it was hilarious. I doubt if the girls even noticed him at the time.

Jo Castillo said...

Love the planting tree story. It should have been so easy, right?

Ah, you will love NY. I haven't ever been in winter. Bet it is super.