Thursday, October 11, 2007

More Funnies

Yesterday I had lunch with Alan, the computer guru. I wanted to get his take on the different websites and such available for me to show my art online. Also, I thought he might be able to help me make my computer work since it will not let me post a blog. I have been using Jesse's computer to post. I can do everything but post from my computer and it will not let me sign in. When I try, I get a error message and then I lose everything (including my temper). So yesterday knowing I was going to see the computer guru, I tried to sign in and then copy the error message to show the guru. Can you believe it, it let me sign in - I was able to post from my computer. Problem solved - NOT! Today I go to post from my computer - error message! I tell you, it is enough to make a preacher cuss.

Another cussing situation - my Great Dane pulled the same little pine tree up again. I replanted and put a tomato cage around it, but she managed to get around that and pull it up again. This time she destroyed the tree completely.

I think rather than cussing I will share some funny things with you. Before we went to Lubbock, I went out and bought new toothbrushes. I don't care much about toothbrushes except that we must have one blue one and one pink one or Toby and I end up using the wrong toothbrush (old dogs - new tricks...). I found a package that had the appropriate colors and bought them - not looking closely at them. It turns out that the head of the brush was rather large and had rubber bristles. After using them a couple of times, I asked Toby what he thought. He said it was like brushing your teeth with a rubber tire. Being the smarty that I am, I replied, "Yeah well, we got a 50,000 mile warranty."

Before Toby left for Houston, he had to replace an electrical outlet that had sizzled and fried itself. Toby is quite the handyman and has done electrical work many times - no problema. Jesse and I were sitting in the living room talking when Toby gave a shout and a shake. We continued to talk and ignored Toby because he is always pretending to get shocked or something. We have fallen for that gag a gillion times. But this time, he really had been shocked, and his feelings were hurt that we paid no attention to him. Jesse and I burst out laughing (no sympathy here) because he was the proverbial boy who cried wolf.

Another Toby/electricity story: We had a thunder storm a week ago or so. It caused the electricity to go off and on all night. It was not your usual "go off and come back on in an hour" it was "go off and come back on in one minute, go off and come back on..." over and over. Of course when the electricity goes off, the air-conditioner goes off - not to come back on. It has to be turned back on and reset. It got rather warm, so I got up and turned the AC back on causing several beeps from the AC. I did this several times. Also, the phone goes off, but when it comes on, it beeps and the recorder (woman's voice) says, "Please wait." This happened over and over too. I finally got tired of getting up and turning on the AC deciding that I would just tuff it out, but the phone continued to beep and talk. Finally Toby woke up (sort of). In a sleepy irritated voice he said, "What are you doing?!" I replied (in an equally irritated voice) "I'm not doing anything. It is the phone! Do you think I should un-plug it?" "Yes!" he growled. So I got up and unplugged the phone, turned the AC back on and crawled back into bed. Then, from sleeping lump next to me I heard, "And if you say 'please wait' one more time..."

And now for some funny pictures that are pretty well self explanatory and will hopefully make you LOL. Life imitates art.
Hey, it is California. No one notices anything amiss.


Laurie said...

LOL! Loved the stories and the pics.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Laurie. Click on the photos to get a better view and an even bigger laugh.

Buck Pennington said...

Me, too...the pics are ALL good, but the one of Lindsay is priceless!

Re: toothbrushes. Why is it we can...uh..."swap spit" (the best euphemism I can come up with) with our significant others, yet get all grossed out at the very thought of sharing a toothbrush?

I once had a girlfriend who went right out to the store... first thing, without brushing her teeth... to buy a new toothbrush after I told her I'd just used hers as a result of poor planning, unexpected sleep-over, and all that. The woman was seriously upset. Needless to say, I was never that presumptuous about toothbrushes ever again...with her or anyone else.

But it always has struck me as strange.

Becky said...

Great stories and pictures!

I have to agree with Buck on the toothbrush thing. Even so, the thought of someone else using my toothbrush still grosses me out!

Bag Blog said...

The picture of Lindsay is the best. I LOL every time I look at it.

Actually, Toby and I do get mixed up and use each others toothbrush; it does not bother either one of us, but it bothers the heck out of Jesse if we use hers - go figure!

Buck Pennington said...

Well, cool! I'm not as weird as I thought. Either that or I'm in good company in my weirdness.