Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mooney's Moment

Our trip to Lubbock went very well. Toby's mom is doing excellent with her knee replacement surgery. She is walking up and down the halls with a cane, and we were able to take her out to dinner with family. She was in high spirits and doing great.

I was going to post today about seeing old friends in Lubbock, but I had this rather odd email when I got home. I thought I would share it with you. It was from someone named Michael Mooney. Here is his email address mooney@taos.net and his email along with my reply:

Hi. I was searching for information on Questa Honey when I unfortunately came across your blog. I've got to say that I'm so happy your ignorance and inability to accept opposing viewpoints has found a safe haven in Halliburton country. As a Taoseno, it pleases me that your extreme views on race, religion and foreign policy are removed to a safe distance.We're doing fine here without you.
God bless Walmart, y'all!

My reply:

Dear Mr. Mooney
I don’t know who you are, but I know what your problem is. You lead a very sad life. You don’t appreciate the joy and humor in the diversity around you. You read two of my blogs and assumed that I did not like my neighbors in NM just because I poke fun at them. If you knew me at all, you would know that I find humor in all people including myself . “Poking fun” at people and life has been done by writers and comedians through out the ages, but then maybe you are not well read or possibly you do not read well. By accusing me of ignorance and inability to accept the opposing viewpoints of others, you become the very thing you accuse me of. It seems to me that you think everyone in Taos country is of one mind with you, while everyone in “Halliburton country” is just like me - that seems a very narrow minded view of your neighbors. You mention my “extreme views on race, religion, and foreign policy.” I don’t think I mentioned anything about race, but since you did, well, I will tell you that most of my El Rito neighbors were “Anglo.” My nearest Hispanic neighbors were the Quintanas, with whom I was very good friends. In fact, we attended the same church and held many of the same political views. Their daughter, Karen, was one of my best friends. Although most of my Anglo neighbors were a diverse group, they were good and kind people, and I was had many friends among them.

As for “foreign policy” my blog is not very political - so I have no idea what you read that offended you. Maybe you have just assumed you know me and have lumped me into some stereotype of your own making. Please feel free to point out any “race, religion, or foreign policy” that I have mentioned and that offended you, and we can discuss it on my blog, but better yet, why don’t you just realize that there are a diverse group of people who live in the USA and not all are like you. Maybe you could be a little more tolerant of those around you bearing with your neighbors in peace and mercy rather than searching out people whom you don’t know, making assumptions, and writing snide emails.

To think that it makes you “happy” that I am “ignorant” seems very sad. I don’t think you know much about the people of Taos or the people of “Halliburton Country”. I think your view of life is narrow and pitiful, but it does not make me happy; it makes me rather sad for you.


the friendly neighborhood piper said...

i'm actually kinda surprised you even responded to that piece of work. Seriously, you should wear those extremely informed and intuitive accusations as a badge of honor. Let the pigs wallow in their self absorbed, self made mires of despair. You live above all that. Do what i do, roll your eyes and watch some Shaun.

Ashley Williams said...

Go Lou. I am glad you had a good trip. You handled the Mooney situation very well. Bravo

Catherine said...

Nice response to Mooney, Lou!

Buck Pennington said...

Well done, Lou. I'll resist (resist...resist...RESIST!) the temptation to lump Mr. Mooney into the prevalent Taos stereotype, but, his insulting note and his tone implies that he and all his friends are of a like mind.

Not surprising, that.

Jo Castillo said...

Yes, I hope Mr. Mooney is not a representation of all Taos residents. We certainly didn't meet him when we were there .. good thing.

Sounds like the Lubbock trip went well. We pass through there once in a while. Our old house at the edge of the cotton fields is now in the middle of town. :(



Becky said...

Actually, it sounded to me like one of those random "form spams" that people with nothing better to do send out. I got one not too long ago, along with several of my fellow martial arts bloggers.

Bag Blog said...

TFNP, You may be right about not responding, but I wanted Mooney to know he was being as judgemental as he thought I was being.

Jo, I loved living in the Taos area - the people are great.

Buck, You and me both on the resisting.