Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Do

I love the change of seasons. It has been a warm fall, and I am ready for some cooler weather. Even after having a month of beautiful weather in Canada, I am still tired of the Oklahoma heat. There seems to be some other changes in the air. I cannot quite explain it, but I feel like I am on the edge of something new and different. Unlike most, I do love change.

As most of you know, I follow several military blogs. Many of those that I have followed for months have come home now. It is great that they are home, but most stop blogging when they get home. It is kind of like losing a friend. Yesterday, I did some milblog surfing looking for new milbloggers to follow. I have a couple of prospects and a few that are still in Iraq, but so far, none are quite the same as those that I have followed in the past. That's okay. I need to find new things to read and new things to do with my blogging.

My blog has been rather dull since coming home from Canada. Even while there, it was not exciting reading. When I first started blogging a few years ago, words and stories poured out of me non-stop. Now they just dribble. Life is simple right now. Other than Grand baby stories, which few people probably appreciate, I have little going on in my life. Yet, I don't feel like that is a bad thing; I feel like there is a good change a comin'. I have considered starting a whole new blog - not giving up this one, but starting a new blog with a different venue. Is "venue" the right word?

You may notice that I did add a new category to my blog, Lou's Art Shop. Fine Art America is a free sight for artists to post their paintings. I have been slowly adding some of my work to this sight as a way to organize and show my work. I got a very nice comment already which makes me like the site:) I will be continuing to add my work. I just need to get everything in working order - including myself.

My beginner art class started yesterday, and I have lots of new students. We started off drawing a still life in pencil. All of the kids did such a great job! I think this is going to be a good class. I do have a couple of kids who are easily distracted, so I will need to be careful of my talking. I talk while I do art. Hmm, I talk just pretty much all of the time. Anyway, there are some artists that need quiet or at least little to distract them. It is that right brain stuff - total absorption into their work. Personally, I need noise.

Change is coming into Jesse's life too. Lindsay has a young man in her life right now. He seems to be a wonderful person, but he takes up a lot of Lindsay's time. Jesse and Lindsay have been inseparable for lots of years. I always hoped Jesse would be the first to have a young man in her life - simply because I worried about how well she would be able to share Lindsay. But it seems to be Lindsay who is first - funny how God works. Lindsay's mother probably felt the opposite - hoping it would be Jesse who went first. Anyway, it is a trial for everyone. Even Lindsay is having to learn how to do with less "Jesse time" and Jesse is working on sharing her BFF with a guy. She is doing very well - I am proud of her. There are lots of good things in all of this, and one of them is Jesse spends more time with me. If she were not so busy with work and school, I would probably be tired of her - not. I am looking forward to our little trip to Corpus Christi this weekend - lots of "Jesse time" in the car and seeing the sights. Maybe it will make for some good blog adventures.

I feel like Mary Poppins, who senses a change in the winds. It excites me. To go along with this feeling, I decided to cut my hair. In the summer, I like my hair long so that I can leave it wet and braid it or put it up on my head and get it off of my neck. In the winter, I like my hair shorter so that it does not take so long to blow it dry. And did I ever change my hair this time! I would show a photo of the new do, but I want to surprise Toby this weekend. I feel like a new woman. I think the new do even makes me look thinner. Well, I can be hopeful.


Buck Pennington said...

When I first started blogging a few years ago, words and stories poured out of me non-stop. Now they just dribble. Life is simple right now.

And might I also suggest: content, as in satisfied...happy. I've given a bit of thought to this subject and am leaning towards the proposition that The Muse doesn't whisper in your ear nearly as often when things are on an even keel and life is good.

Just my $0.02.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, Life is good right now - no complaints other than I wish I could come up with some excitement for my readers. I am hoping for an exciting weekend with Jesse and Toby and touring the Lexington. Toby wants to do some sailing (Lord help us) and Jesse just wants to hit the beach.

Buck Pennington said...

One could read a lot into that sailing comment, Lou!

Jenny said the Lady Lex is simply awesome. Should be a lot of fun!

Take (lotsa) pics!

catherine said... new do IS fab and complements your frisky personality! Sure enjoyed yours and Jesse's whirlwind Austin visit. Hope CC is tons-0-fun and foder for the blog!

Jo Castillo said...

Lou, your new page is great. Took me a while to find it as I didn't know your name. :)

But I found it. Nice.