Friday, October 26, 2007

Odd Folk

What do Okies do when they see the ocean? They get their feet wet and take silly pictures. This is us immediately upon getting to CC. Next we walked out onto the jetty where we met these interesting characters. I won't say they were homeless - maybe just odd. They were fishing a surf sail out of the water and yelled, "Take anything you find! Praise Yahweh!" I held their baby to keep him from falling in the Bay. The wife was busy holding their Bible. The husband handed the sail to an older Mexican man to carry while he lit his cigarette and pointed to his hat that said, "Praise Yahweh" and gave me a brief sermon. We made small talk on the jetty before I had to hand the baby back.
Then we met Earl who needed to use my cell phone to check on a job. Employment seemed to be a problem for Earl, and I felt very sorry for him. It probably had to do with the brown paper bag next to him, but he seemed nice enough. Jesse stood back and took pictures of my new friends.
I was glad when Toby showed up. This is an "Oklahoma Hello." Did I mention that Toby bought a new bike? How odd is that?


Buck Pennington said...

You DO have some interesting adventures, Lou!

Becky said...

Agreed! The stuff that happens when you are around is the stuff of legend!

Catherine said...

I like the "Okalhoma Hello!" and how nice to capture such a sweet moment.

Bag Blog said...

I wondered if anyone would notice the "Oklahoma" reference, but I thought if anyone did, I figured it would be you, Catherine.