Monday, October 29, 2007

Then Next Generation

This was our weekend for Camp Y'shua in the Wichita Mountains. It was a perfect weekend weather wise. We played lots of volleyball and other sports, but this year we did something new. We took care of Grand-babies while their parents played and visited with their friends (notice the babies on the edge of the V-ball court). Ya know, it wasn't half bad. In the past, Toby and I have worn ourselves out playing V-ball, baseball, soccer, and trying to keep up with Jesse, but this year we took turns playin V-ball and watched over the next generation. Usually, after a weekend of non-stop volleyball, I am so sore that I can't move the next week. Playing with the Grand-babies is much easier on body, but still exhausting. On Friday, I did not have Grand-babies, but did play as much V-ball as I could. Toby flew in from Corpus Christi on Friday night and came to camp on Saturday. He had lots of catching up to do since he has been gone so much this summer. He got in some quality fellowship time and played V-ball and wagged kids around until he was just pretty tired.
GBN1 had an excellent time doing what she loves - being outside and running wild with her Booboo as a partner in crime. She gathered acorns in her pockets and then lost them all while running and playing. She did scrape a knee, but was a trooper about it. GBN2 is just a happy camper most of the time except when she is hungry or tired, but she seemed to love the great outdoors, too.

Of course, their Tia Jes was having a good time playing with her nieces and her own friends. The lodge (background of pic) at camp accommodates lots of folks, but most still camp out.

Here is Jesse's tent and the flag she made with three bars representing the three girls that shared the tent and a red square for danger and yellow "because it needed more color".

Toby and I spent a lot of time with the youngest generation on a large cement slab with kids going in all directions (Go Dogs Go) on an assortment of bikes, trikes, and other wheels. This is GBN2 along with the Johnson sisters - the oldest is GBN1's age. This young man is also the same age as GBN1. He was amazing on his scooter. There were a few crashes now and then due to some poor driving skills and heavy traffic, but I would say a good time was had by all.

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