Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Art Show

The art show was much fun last night. I saw several of my art buddies and mingled-mingled. There is not much in Duncan to get dressed up for, but I did wear a dress to the artist's reception. My mother made it to the show along with three of her friends. They had stopped at Bill's Catfish on the drive over and had a big time. Mom said the folks at Bill's thought they were awfully dressed-up for an evening at Bill's. This morning Mom called to tell me how much fun they had had. She also told me she had forgotten to tell me how pretty I looked last night. Wow. That probably meant more than any compliments on my art. Any mothers and daughters out there know what I am talking about.

Everyone at the reception last night was able to vote on the People's Choice award. Mom and her friends voted for me, but split their vote between two of my paintings. Jesse had invited several of her friends from Halliburton (young engineer sorts) who in turn, invited other coworkers. All evening there was a herd of young men surrounding Jesse and a few young ladies. When the voting was done at the end of the evening, Jesse's donkey painting had won the People's Choice. Her donkey painting also sold almost immediately. I sold two of my paintings, but I did not win any prizes. None of my students won any ribbons, but they did get lots of nice compliments. Ashley got to meet several of the engineer boys, who were "entertaining" to say the least. She went to dinner with Toby, Jes, and I after the show, and we got pretty silly talking about the people at the show. The photo above is Emily, Sarah, and Jesse posed in front of Ashley's paintings. I had lots of trouble with my flash last night and my photos are not great. Plus, I did not wear my glasses and could not see that so many of my photos were bad until today when I put them on the computer. The price of vanity!
Just a little side note - Two of the young engineers for H. recently attended a job fair in Madison, Wisconsin on campus (if anyone is interested, I will dig up the news article). At the campus job fair, they were beset by war protesters screaming at them. The engineers said it was kind of scary. The protesters said things like, "How can you serve our military dog poop?" The whole thing was just crazy. You would think that college kids would be more up on their news, but just for general information - it has been almost eight years since Cheney was the CEO of Halliburton, and it was never "his company". It has now been several years since KBR was a subsidiary of H. So Halliburton no longer "feeds the military." It is time for people to move on. Oh wait, isn't Move On the one of those liberal groups that cause the problems?


Shelly said...

Bummer on the pics.. Congratulations Jes, it was a great painting..

Buck Pennington said...

That probably meant more than any compliments on my art. Any mothers and daughters out there know what I am talking about.

I'm neither mom nor daughter, but I had to listen to TSMP rant a lot about her mom in the near way-back -- it was "my duty," and I was reminded of that fact repeatedly. The woman was very near 40 before she and her mom finally reached an understanding. Of sorts. So I think I know what you're on about, Lou.

Good on Jess about The Peoples Choice award!

Interesting about the "protesters" and the Halliburton guys. I have a theory-in-development about that... It ain't cool any longer to take it out on the military (like their parents and in some cases, themselves, did), so the 'bats take it out on Halliburton. And Exxon. And on, and on. Just a theory.

Becky said...

Congrats on the successful art show. And congrats to Jessie on her People's Choice award. That painting deserved it.

I'm not surprised at the college protesters. After all, America's universities are moonbat strongholds. And if all they hear is the MSM's side of things, it's no wonder their reality is so distorted.