Friday, November 09, 2007

Painting of the Week

Things were busy at art yesterday, and I did not get to finish a painting that I started. Fortunately, I did a small painting with my art students on Tuesday. It was this very simple watercolor. Wednesday was busy with art, but I was framing paintings for the art show. I put a few more frames together on Thursday, and we got all our paintings turned in to the art show. In all the fun and excitement, I forgot to take photos, but I will take a few tonight at the art show. My mom is coming to the show. It will be her first time to see my work at an art show.

Toby has about six days of vacation left this year. He has plotted them all out through Nov. and Dec. Today is one of his days off, which is great because it should be a beautiful day here in OK. As soon as the fog clears, we should be able to get some things done around the farm. So the good news is Toby has the day off. The bad news is that he will work me like a sled dog, and I will have little time for my computer today.

I do want to share a few funnies. My daughter-in-law has taught GBN1 to use the speed dial on the cell phone in case of emergencies. Well, we have had several "emergencies" already this week. GBN1 calls me at least once a day and says, "Booboo, what you doin? I need to come to your house." Then her mother snags the phone and explains that GBN1 got the phone again without her knowledge.
Jesse went shopping last night for something new and exciting to wear to the art show tonight. She found a beautiful dress - pictures will be taken tonight. She also found something for GBN1. It was a princess Halloween costume on sale - purple and greens and flowing scarves...Jesse said, "Isn't it great? I want one too!" Girls are forever princesses.


Dale said...

I have one of those Princesses by the name of Skylar Grace Rowland. A funny story; Skylar's Aunt had her for the weekend a couple of weeks ago and she had asked Skylar to pick-up her toys and Skylar's reply was "I don't have to." When her Aunt asked her why she didn't have to, my adorable grand-daughter said, "I don't have to because I'm a princess." Guess who ended up picking up the toys, you guessed it, the Aunt. That child has the same control over her PaPaw. And believe you me she will be PaPaw's Princess until the day I pass from this earth!

Shelly said...

Have a great time at the art show.. Can't wait for the pics.. I really love this one, my taste...

Buck Pennington said...

Really...take lots of pics tonight, Lou.

And Toby has the day off and there's no mo'sickle riding on the agenda? There aren't that many good days left this year for that sort of activity, ya know. We're supposed to have a good day here as well...wanna guess what I'll be doing?

Bag Blog said...

Speaking of aunts, one of Toby's coworkers found little t-shirts that said, "If you think I'm cute, you should see my aunt." Toby asked the coworker to pick him up a couple of those t-shirts for GBN1 and 2. The lady bought two shirts, but they say, "I'd rather be hanging with my aunt" and "Don't mess with me or my aunt will kick your butt" which is not exactly what we were planning, but still funny.

Buck, it is 11AM and still very foggy - very depressing for mo'sickle riding, but great for baking cakes - pear cake to be exact.

Buck Pennington said...

...but great for baking cakes - pear cake to be exact.

Now you just had to go and do that, didn't ya!?!

How very cruel! :-)