Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting Ready

I reek of beauty shop, but my hair and toes look very nice. Because the pedicure thing is rather new to me, I called a friend to ask her what to wear to the nail salon. Think about it - you are going to soak your feet and have your legs massaged up to the knee. During the summer, shorts or capris work well, but what about the winter? Then you will have polish put on your toes - so you can’t wear socks and shoes. I ended up wearing sweat pants and sandals. I felt a bit silly, but then this well-put-together lady came in and took the chair next to me. She was quite lovely with beautiful jewelry, full make-up and the type that gets her nails done on a regular basis. She was wearing sweats (much nicer than mine)and flip flops. Hey, I have a whole new outlook on life. Next time I see a lady wearing sweats and flip flops in winter, I won’t snicker, ‘cause I will know she is headed to the nail salon.

My mom called and asked me to look up Rockefeller Plaza on the computer and get a map so that we can go to the Today Show while in NY. I told her that the hotel would help us with that, but like a good daughter, I printed out a google map anyway. While in NY do as all the tourist do! I’m beginning to be a little anxious about this trip. My plan is to drink another eggnog and relax throughout the adventure.

Hold on to your socks. This bit of news is going to knock them off. Jesse and Lindsay are leaving after work this afternoon and will head to Dallas to see the Cowboy/Packer game. They have free tickets. So with Toby in Scotland, which he says is surprisingly green, and Jesse going to Dallas, I guess I will go quilt this evening with my old lady friends. Maybe I will put those socks on my ears and sing a sad song.


Buck Pennington said...

I reek of beauty shop...

I actually understand that statement, surprisingly. One of the part-time jobs I had to make ends meet as a junior enlisted guy was cleaning a beauty shop every Sunday evening for a year or so. I'll NEVER forget that aroma, ever. It's not all that obnoxious or unpleasing, it's just the association I make with the smell.

Take your eggnog fixins with you when you go quilting! ;-)

Kris, in New England said...

Ahhh...the ritual of the spa pedicure. I am one of those women who gets her nails done every other week, and gets pedicures once a month. I also color and highlight my hair.

Yup, I'm a high maintenance woman and damned proud of it! :-)

Bag Blog said...

lol, Kris, it takes all kinds!

Buck, having been raised in a beauty shop (my mom's)I understand the smell association. Some smells are better than others.

Just a funny aside: Normally my mom buys our beauty supplies because she gets a discount for being a "cosmopolgist", but I hate to ask her to do that for me and it is easy to just buy what I need from Sally's. I guess I hurt her feelings by getting my own hair color last week, because when we were fixin' hair one of the nephews asked what that awful smell was and mom said, "Cheap hair dye!" It kind of made me laugh, but not out loud.

Becky said...

AHHHH! I am so jealous of Lindsay and Jessie! I can't even watch that game on TV because none of the stations are carrying it.

I for one, must be pretty low maintenance. I've never had a professional manicure or pedicure. I do color my hair, but I do it myself, for about $35 less than the local beauty shop charges.

catherine said...

Oh, wait'll Craig hears about Jes and Lindsay at the Cowboy game...We can't get it on TV either. He's in the other room, listening to it on his computer. Such fans!

Take a picture of your toes and new do! Bet you look mighty purty.

When do you take off for NY? Have a great trip!