Friday, November 30, 2007

Mothers, Cowboys, and Packers

My computer connection went down yesterday morning for some unknown reason. This has not happened since last March when I got the new connection. Some way I managed to get it going again by doing all the things that the tech guy had me do back in March. I was very proud of myself when it all worked. Or possibly the connection just came back on, and I happened to be jacking with the computer at the same time.

After art, I met my lady friends for dinner at the Chuckwagon. Then we moved on to do some quilting on the latest wedding ring quilt being made for an upcoming wedding in our fellowship. I would give you all the details, but it was basically a hen party with lots of good-natured teasing and arguing. I must have talked too much, because my throat sure seems raw this morning. My three friends are sharp-witted and lots of fun to be around. We kept up with the Cowboy/Packer game by calling Jesse and Lindsay every little while, but that was just a ploy to check on them.

Although Jes and Lindsay left work early and should have been fine on their travel time, they hit traffic and missed the first quarter of the game. Jesse said most of the the traffic was in the parking lot and very frustrating. They made it to their seats about the time Brett was injured and were very disappointed that they did not get to see him play. Other than that, they had a good time. They got home about 2 AM. Jesse is off to work this morning - aah to be young.

Although Jesse is 25 years old, I find that I am still a mother. As Jesse drove off yesterday, I told her to feel free to call me anytime and often - I was trying not to sound too much like a mother, but still remind her to call. I stayed up last night reading until about 11:30 when Jesse called and said they were on the road. After that call, I went to bed, but woke up every little bit to check the clock. I woke about 2 AM and thought they should be here soon. Sure enough, their headlights hit my window about that time. Knowing that Jesse would be tired (and grumpy) I did not talk to her as she came in - letting her go straight to bed. But I smiled to myself thinking "once a mother, always a mother" and slept peacefully the rest of the night.

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Buck Pennington said...

They got home about 2 AM. Jesse is off to work this morning - aah to be young.

Ah, yes. I kinda-sorta remember those days. But my next day was usually accompanied by a hangover, more often than not. It's a wonder how I survived those times...

GREAT pic!