Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Song

I found this video over at Becky's, but I do not know much about making it work on my blog. So, I will just copy and paste the link. You should be able to see it by clicking on "video" or going to Becky's blog, but it is well worth the view or listen. In the meantime, I need a lesson in using Youtube.


the friendly neighborhood piper said...

That thing has really been making the rounds (so to speak). I saw it the other day on Boudicca's Voice, and then later that evening received it in an email. It is pretty entertaining! I think we should organize a carol for the older folks we hang out with sometime. I remember when i lived in CO, i put together a progressive dinner carol, kind of a "sing for your dinner" thing. It was alot of fun and it was the first time and the last that i had wassail. I've been researching some recipes online for some more. After being out on a cold frosty December evening singing i understand the nostalgic significance of a steaming mug of sweet wassail.

Bag Blog said...

Caroling sounds good. Who do you consider "older folks"? Maybe I would rather hang out with the "younger folks".

Buck Pennington said...

YouTube is easy, Lou. Just register for an account if you want to put up your own vids and follow their process, which is very intuitive.

If you don't want to publish videos you've made but simply want to include video on the blog... look for the "embed" button on the video you like and copy the code to your clipboard (there's usually a "copy to clipboard" button on every YouTube video; all you have to do is click that button) If there's no "copy to clipboard" button, you can do the same thing just by clicking within the "embed" area and doing a "CTRL-C"...and then paste, as described below.

Once the "embed" code is copied to the clipboard, open a Blogger "new post" window and hit "CTRL-V" to paste the code. You can type supporting text above and below...but not within... the embedded code. (I do my composing in Word, and the process is pretty much the same.)

E-mail me if you wanna discuss further!

Bag Blog said...

I clicked on every possible button on Becky's video to no avail. I went to Youtube, but did not sign up. That is probably the ticket.

Becky said...

You don't have to sign up to you tube just to embed videos. Only if you want to upload your own. It's really very simple to embed. If one of us were there and could show you how, I"m sure you'd catch on in no time. Maybe Jessie or Bo could help you.

Jo Castillo said...

On my Mac there is a button on my blog to click just like uploading photos. I haven't tried it.

That is cute. I bet the concert is great, they seemed to seel DVDs of it.