Monday, December 17, 2007


My son sent me this link on celebrity lookalikes. He and Jesse got a kick out of seeing whom they most resembled, but I though it was rather silly and not very accurate. Then Buck mentioned that Jesse reminded him of a Miss America from years ago, but he could not remember her name. It made me wonder if he meant Phyllis George. Being a Texas girl and only in jr. high when PG became Miss America, I remember her well. I thought she was just the most beautiful Miss America ever. I saw her interviewed once, and she said she had a scar on her knee from playing some sport. To me, she seemed like an all-American Girl. When she became a sportscaster on NFL Today, my hero worship sored. She was one of the first women sportscasters that I can remember - every young Texas girl's dream. I remember PG trying to interview some block-headed football player who could hardly speak - he was just so dazzled by her. I guess she made some mistakes in her career as an interviewer according to Wiki, but I don't remember them because I was just a kid. I just thought she was great - the one and only Miss America that even comes to mind.

Does she look like Jesse? Well, there is a slight resemblance - more so than anyone else on that silly link Bo sent.


Ashley W. said...

I think Jesse resembles her. Bodie thinks i look like Christina Ricci.

Dawn said...

slight resemblance, I'm inclined to think Jesse's prettier, but then I'm a bit partial to Jess :)

Buck Pennington said...

Does she look like Jesse?

I think so. But I also agree with Dawn: Jesse's prettier.

Bag Blog said...

Ashley, I can see the resemblance, but you are much prettier than Christina.

Buck and Dawn, I agree. Phyllis is beautiful, but Jesse has a beautiful spirit as well as being pretty.

Becky said...

Definitely a resemblance!