Monday, December 17, 2007

Missin' My Man

Toby will be home on Friday, and I’m ready for him to be here. Last week I wanted to cook out on the grill which is something we do often even in bad weather. I could not find the channel locks to open the propane tank on the grill. I usually keep one set of channel lock pliers here at the house for things like the propane tank on the grill and removing the shower head when it needs to soak in the CLR. I searched all over the house and carport. Searching for things that were not put back in place is a pet peeve with me. I’m not a neat-freak by any means, but I have my own screwdriver, hammer, needle-nosed pliers and channel locks - and yes, I know the difference between channel locks and a crescent wrench. When I want a tool, I want to be able to find it with little to no searching. Because my tools are so handy, they often get used and moved to some odd place by some other member of my family. I used to have my own leather tool belt with hammer, rafter square, tape measure, etc all ready for me anytime I needed my tools. Now, I might could find the belt, but I doubt any of the tools are in it anymore. It was just too handy when someone needed a tool. So there I was searching for the channel locks to no avail. When I realized that they were probably in the barn and I would have to make the trek out there in the cold and muck, I got so frustrated, I almost cried. Did the frustration come from the searching or was it something deeper. I was so mad, and there was no one to help me. There was no one to chew on - no one to blame. I think that I just wanted Toby to be here. The channel locks were just a side problem.

Feeding the horses in the winter is not my favorite thing, but it is not so bad either. It is the thought of going out in the cold and muck that bothers me. Once I am out there, I don’t really mind - I like seeing the horses and petting on them. It is buying the feed, loading it in to the truck, unloading it at the barn, picking up the heavy sacks to fill the buckets, etc that really bothers me. I just don’t seem to be as strong as I once was. Or maybe I am so out of shape and the heavy lifting is a reminder of how old and fat I am. I need my man.

Today, I am headed to Lawton to have the oil changed in Jesse’s Scion and stop at Hobby Lobby to make the trip worthwhile.


inpassing said...

I'll be happy for you when Toby makes it back home. In the mean while, keep those "socks" handy!!

Jo Castillo said...

I understand. Frustrating!! Gene used to travel a lot with work. Arghhh. Nice for a day or two, then it sets in. I used to tease him and say I only missed him making the coffee in the morning, but it is sooooo much more. :)

Not long until Friday.

Buck Pennington said...

Certain death, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, was the result of messin' with TSMP's tools, which were kept in the kitchen junk drawer. OTOH, she was free to use any and all of MY tools, which might or might not have been returned to their proper place.

Why is that? No answer required, coz I know... ;-)

Becky said...

Gee, you almost make me wish I actually had a man to miss.