Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Art and Photos

Although I post lots of photos, you would be amazed at how many I actually take. On Sunday alone I took 69 photos. Several of those were taken as panoramic photos and sent to TFNP. He has been piecing them together and adding color. He has done some interesting things with some of them - changing color, trying black and white, etc. Most of you really liked my tree on Tillydrone Rd. Here is The Piper's view of it. Some of my panoramic photos were slightly off - guess I moved a little too much while I took the different shots, but The Piper was able to work wonders - like this one of Kings College. I also took this photo of the Robert Burns statue with Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I have also done three small watercolors. Here is one of an Italian sandwich shop. I'll post the others soon.

Jesse and Mom should get here later this afternoon. My next photos will be more through Jesse's eyes and be more personal. If you think I take a lot of photos, Jesse makes me look frugal. Remember how many photos we took on our weekend to Corpus Christi?! With Jes here, the photos should be lots more fun. I can't wait. I'm also looking forward to seeing Mom. This is her first time on foreign soil. It will be interesting to see how she likes it.


catherine said...

Sho do wish I could be there with you, Jesse, and your Mom! You girls stay outta trouble, now, ya hear?!@! Might want to check out this site to save yur arses! :)

Bag Blog said...

Catherine, that is one handy dictionary! I think I could use some of those phrases.

Buck said...

The pic of the seagull and Burns is but ONE reason I don't want anyone to erect a statue in my memory (heh. FAT Chance of that...). To think I'd be a seagull loo for all eternity just doesn't sit well with me.

Can't wait to see the new pics! You're not the only one who shoots a lot of frames, Lou. I took 64 pics of a single sunrise one morning. That's the great thing about digital vs. film... digital is inexhaustible, given a large enough memory card and battery life. Shots you don't like? {delete key}

Ashley said...

I likes the panting of the sandwich shop it is cute.

Jesse livens up any party. I sat next to her at the movies on sunday and she made me laugh more than the did movie. There was a scene in the movie where the couple was getting married. Jesse thought the groom was pretty cute (which he was) But, i was detracted by he priest. He had a bad comb-over that looked like it was not on straight. I said what is wrong with his hair? Jesse said nothing he is perfect. She was talking about the cute groom. It made me laugh. Then later she said Were you talking about the priest i said yes she said Oh i did not even see the priest. It was pretty funny.

I hope you guys have fun.