Friday, January 25, 2008

Jesse's Eyes

Mom and Jesse got here about 5 PM on Tuesday night. It gets dark here by 4:30, but they were able to see a little of the city from the airport to the City Centre. We waited for Toby to get home from work, and then we headed out to have some supper. We tried to have a beer at a pub/restaurant, but the bartender ignored us too long, and we had a reservation for dinner somewhere else. This has been a problem a couple of times. We stand at the bar and get ignored. We set at a table and get ignored. I feel like we are missing something on the "how things are done in Scotland" rules. For the most part, people here are great - helpful and interested in us - lots of fun. As Mom, Jesse, and I walked around Aberdeen yesterday, several people engaged us in conversation - very friendly. Of course, it helps to have Jesse in the crowd.

Seeing Scotland through Jesse's eyes is different from mine, but several times yesterday she took photos of the exact same thing that I had already photographed. Yet she has a totally different angle on things. I took them by the Skene Provost House. Jesse took this photo in the reflection of the modern building next to the SPH. I took them down to the plaza area where the Mercat Cross stands. Jesse took the photo of Mom and me. I took the one of Jesse. We had lunch at Henry's Bar. - the joke being that Jesse calls her unknown future husband "Henry". Jesse had fish and chips. Then we went to the Maritime Museum where we got permission to take a photo out the window of the old church that is the museum overlooking the harbor. While at the MM, a little man came over to talk to me. His father had been a fisherman, but the little man was an engineer. He was very difficult to understand since he spoke fast, quietly, and without moving his lips. He told us he was 76, and did we think he looked 76. We told him he did not look 76 at all. Then Mom told him that she was also 76. End of conversation - he turned and walked off. I think Mom scared him.

After walking and shopping, Mom and I went back to the hotel leaving Jesse to go to the beach. She took some great photos and met a lady named Sarah ("Seda" is what she actually said). Then we had a nice quite dinner at home.


Anonymous said...

You better strap on your walking shoes now.


Dawn said...

Glad Jesse and your mom made it, I know you are thrilled. Favorite pictures- Jes next to the lamp post, reveals a bit about her playful attitude. and love the one of your mom and the sale, typically a mom thing :) Jes's reflection of the Skene Provost House was inventive and way cool, she's really good with her angles :)
Give her a huge hug for me!

Ashley said...

Looks like you guys are having fun!

Ashley said...

Oh i have to tell you this. Wednesday night at church Lizzie made an unauthorized phone call to you. She told Bo that Boo Boo did not answer her phone. It was so funny!

Buck said...

Great photos yet again. (OK... I have run out of adjectives, so I'll just recycle the same ol' tired "great" from now on. Doing my bit to counteract ClimateChange, ya know.)

What sort of wine did all y'all have with dinner? Looks like a white of some sort. Lotsa great wine choices in the UK... as I'm sure you've noticed!

Your being ignored at the bar and other places just tells me that "service" is pretty much the same the world over these days... which is to say: Bad. This happens to me here at home much more than I like, and one never gets used to it.

inpassing said...

I really, really, really like the picture of the old castle taken in the reflection of the new building and the one of the ships at the marina shot through the museum window. Those were exceptional.

Another GBN1 story...last night
GBN1 and her family and Mr. Napkins and myself had dinner with some common friends. GBN1 begin to explain that they had to feed Boo-Boo's horses. So she lifted her arms and hands up high and spread them as far apart as she could and announced, "because Boo-Boo is too far away. She's in Scotland". Then to be sure she had the right gestures with her voice inflections, she repeated the same thing with her arm/hand movements. THEN to be sure she still had a good audience, she kind of glanced around out of the corner of her eye and once again went through her explanation with hand/arm movements, voice inflections, and kind of raised up on her tippy-toes for added effect. GBN1 is a hoot!

One more GGN1 story...After we had dinner, we brought GBN1 back into town with us while her family fed the horses. I don't believe she stopped chattering from the time we left until she opened up the movie drawer once we were in the house. Anyway, after letting us know how dark it was, the sun had to sleep, there's a radio tower, she missed her mom, GBN2 was missing her sister, and so forth...we edged into town and with great excitement she proclaimed, "You did it Dadad. We made it! Great job!" Mr. Napkins got quite a chuckle out of his amazing feat of finding his way down the highway about 16 miles. As I said before, she is a hoot!

Bag Blog said...

Inpassing and Ashley, thanks for the GBN1 stories. I'm missing her big time!

We walked Mom's legs off again today without meaning to. Tomorrow is Edinburgh.

Buck, we had some sort of fruity white wine because that is what Mom likes. Toby had a red wine - both bought at the local grocery - nothing spectacular. Tonight I had some Lia Fair and some Ossian - Scottish ales.

Jo Castillo said...

This all sounds like lots of fun. How great to have your Mom and Jesse there. Yippee.

Jason said...

I love the pictures. Have a great time!

Towanda said...

I am new to the blog so I don't know who Jesse is, but I figure she is a family member. She sure is very beautiful!

Oh the fish and chips looks good!

Enjoying all the pictures....thanks for sharing so many with us.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks for all the kind words.

Towanda, Jesse is my 25 yr. old daughter. She lives at home and works as a drafter for Halliburton. I agree she is beautiful, but more than that, she is lots of fun.