Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 4

I had the most wonderful day. It was sunny and in the 40's. The wind did not blow and the rain did not drizzle. It is now almost 4 PM here and already dark outside. Because it was so nice out, I hit the town early and took in some museums and took some photos with the sunshine. My first stop was a shop where they sell Scottish items - souvenirs and such. They have lot of things with clan names, some kilts, wool items, etc. I will take Mom and Jesse there to help me choose things. Did you know that "Lindsay" is a clan name?

My second stop was the Provost Skene House. I knew it was a museum of sorts, but I did not know anything else about it. It was fascinating. The house had been restored and period furniture brought in so that tourist like me could see how the Scots lived a few centuries ago. I met a man who was also touring through the museum. He was from Orkney. He was just down for the day to see the museum and get some ideas on refurbishing an old home in early Scots style. He told me about "cup and cover" furniture and other period pieces. We walked through the museum together chatting. He told me that I must do the Burns Supper. He has participated in the "readings" and found the whole tradition quite fun. His wife is a fiddler who often plays at such Scottish happenings. He told me the Burning of the Clavies would be something to see too - "a pagan ritual" he said. I don't know if the museum was more fun or my Scotsman.

My next stop was the Maritime Museum down near the harbor. It had displays of model ships, info on ship building in Aberdeen, info on fishing and the shipping business, info on oil in the North Sea, etc. It was very interesting. The oil part did not fascinate me as much as the historical stuff and sea/ship paintings. There was a family of homeschoolers going through the museum with me. On the BBC there was a report yesterday that laws are making it easier for people in the UK to homeschool. Just as in the USA, it is controversial. One of the little girls in the museum called her sister "Hannah" - made me feel right at home.

Here is a pub on the docks just for you, Buck. Here is one for Tucker.

I walked back up to area called Castlegate with the Cross of something-or-other. Sorry, I should have written down the name of the thing, but it is the large thing in the center of the plaza used by kings and lawmakers to hold court. This probably my favorite spot so far. Here are two views.

My last stop was the pound store - similar to our dollar store. I bought a few items including an umbrella. I walked through some other shopping centers, took more pictures, and headed home to have a late lunch and post this. Tonight Toby and I plan on some pub hopping and the Burning of the Clavies. Tomorrow we plan on getting out and about - seeing some sights. The weather is suppose to be nice. I don't know if I will get to be on the computer at all - hence the need to post this today. I will post again when I can.


Buck said...

Nice pub sign! ;-)

I gotta ask, tho...just when is "SatArday?" (on the sports bar...)

That's a VERY cool sundial on the Provost Skene House. But it makes one wonder how reliable those things were in such northern latitudes, eh?

Are you and Toby gonna go to The Burns Night Supper? I agree wholeheartedly... that would be memorable.

Once're making me VERY nostalgic. I'm almost to the point of renewing my passport. You keep this up and I WILL renew it... ;-)

Bag Blog said...

I thought you had a passport. Where is my driver? The Burning of the Cavies was in another town, but we are planning on doing the Burns supper - there happens to be two mentioned in the flyer - one on the 18th and one on the 25th. Jesse will be here for the latter.

I saw the sun dial and wondered about it. I had a difficult time just figuring out which way was north with the sun so low on the horizon.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

The yellow sign in Wilson's has my clan name on it. Nice.

Janice said...

Greetings World Travelers! I am at your home reading your blog. (Ranger planted himself on your bed when I entered...may have to pry him off with a crowbar when I leave.) Never get time during the week...we have been so busy that even my lunches are grabbed here and there.

I feel so "left behind". I want to be there, too...wouldn't mind the rain or wind! I love the pictures and look so forward to seeing them all on your return. I would want to do everything...the Burns Supper, the Burning of the Clavies! Thank you for sharing your experiences.

I eagerly await your return so I can hear Toby's Scottish brogue. Surely after a two trips, he has mastered it?! I wonder what an Okie brogue would sound like?...hehehe

inpassing said...

I think Toby's brogue always has a little "pirate" or "mexican" mixed in with a "Scottish-Pirate" or "Scottish-Mexican" should sound pretty interesting. Add a little Okie twang and you might have a new accent all together. LOL

Bag Blog said...

Toby and I just got in from a wonderful Saturday, but I will post pictures and write tomorrow. Last night I chatted with Bo. When I told him we had eaten Italian again, he made some comment about that being the theme. I told him I thought we were Italians at heart, or maybe Mexican. He said he was Mediterranean Mexican. I agree. Toby must be a Pirate of the Mediterranean Mexican.

Buck said...

I thought you had a passport. Where is my driver?

I do. It's just expired, is all. But I could've fixed that on very short notice and in short order, having done that sort of thing before (i.e., "expediters." They cost, but they're worth it).

And here sits your driver, unemployed and longing for the thrill of shifting with his left hand as he blasts through yet another roundabout, oblivious to the screams and entreaties of his passenger(s). Halliburton is SO cheap and myopic. ;-)

Mrs. Bear said...

I love this trip. Thanks Lou!!! There was a wedding dress purchased this last week!!1 It's fun! I love the pics what a blessing to be able to go on such a trip!!!