Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 3

Many of you have asked about the weather noticing the photos look pretty cold. My first few days here were not really so bad - weather-wise. The temps have been around 4 to 6 Celsius which is about 40+ Fahrenheit. The wind can be the problem, but being in a city, the buildings are helpful (depending on which way you are walking). The rain comes and goes. It is a steady sprinkle - not pouring. Yesterday, it was a steady rain all day long. The truth is that I decided to stay in all day. Today is suppose to be better, and I will get out and about. Buying an umbrella is on my list which irritates me because I have lots of umbrellas at home. Last night, Toby and I picked up Chinese take-out and came back to the room to eat. It was raining when we went out, but had stopped when we came home. It gets dark early here - Toby goes to work in the dark and comes home in the dark - not much fun for him.
Several of you also mentioned the grey day looking so cold. Mrs. Bear mentioned the lack of green and being able to see very far. It is a city. There are parks and areas of green, and what is green is really green. Here are some photos of green. There has been some sunshine breaking through now and then, but my camera did not do well in catching the light. Since it gets dark early and the sun is at an odd angle this far north, it seems grey. Some of Toby's photos from his previous visit were very sunny. I think this weekend should be better weather.

There are several things we are looking at for the weekend. Tonight is some sort of celebration called the Burning of the Clavie where "the flaming Clavie (barrel full of staves) is carried around by a large crowd. Possession of a piece of the Clavie is said to bring good luck for the coming year and pieces are sent around the world to exiled 'brochers'." Sounds rather pagan and exciting. There is also a Johann Strauss Gala, but Toby is not interested (due to the price). Saturday night is a murder mystery at the Arts Centre - we may do this one.

I mentioned to Toby that I had seen a statue of Robbie Burns. Toby's response was, "Who is Robbie Burns?" Me: "Robert Burns!" Toby: "Like I said, who is Robert Burns?" He may have being facetious; I did not ask. Then he emailed me that coming up was the Burns Night Supper:
On the 25th January each year Aberdonians will join Scots in Scotland and the rest of the World in a celebration of the life and poems of our poet Robert Burns. If you are looking to find a supper, a plate of haggis, neeps and tatties, a dram of whisky, dinner dance, ceilidh, poetry reading or general night out then see below for where to go and for general information about Robert Burns.

Now does that sound fun or what?


Mrs. Bear said...

Oh!! I already feel better being able to see green. Now I'm worried about what type of grass is that that is so green in cool weather...a form of fescue (sp?) I can hear Linda Hoag in the back of my mind saying "Just shut up with all the questions and just enjoy the pictures." So with that I say, "I loved the pictures and now I can breath better" Have wonderful time!!!

Dawn said...

This is just fabulous! The pictures are beautiful, I think what is so great to me is that Toby has you to share it with him this time, hug each other for us, your missed. I jump out of bed in the mornings to read your next post,it's such a treat, like those hidden chocolates one hides in their dresser for, well you know, for something to look forward to in the quiet of stolen time.

Go to the Robert Burns thing, you just gotta!!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Ah...Rabbie Bairns! that's your ticket! Some years ago i went to a Burns night in OKC with all my band buddies. Sadly, no tatties and neeps, no haggis, but there were certainly a dram or two consumed. Nonetheless, a good time was had by all. He's iconic, and what better way to hear his words than in the beautiful brogue it was written. That's my vote...of course you have time...hit the "Burning o'the Clavie" like you, i think that sounds like some primeval, very earthy fun.

Bag Blog said...

Anny, Toby thinks it is some sort of rye grass. He is ever the farmer!

Kris, in New England said...

I am SO jealous! I've always wanted to go to Scotland - maybe someday. For now, I'll live vicariously thru your trip. Gorgeous pics!

catherine said...

Oh goodie ... haggis! While I couldn't be paid enough to consume it, the production in presenting it is well worth seeing! I hope you can go to the Burns celebration! Would it be wonderful to hear his poetry read there! Oh yes, Lou, do go! When do your Mom and Jess get there? How long will they be staying?