Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 2

The Noose and Monkey is just down the street from the hotel.

Here is the Hub which I thought was a great name!

The weather was a bit windy yesterday. I waited until later in the afternoon to get out and about. The sun was shining. I could see blue sky occasionally, but it was chilly. I did some shopping for some earmuffs since I don't really like wearing toboggans. There are some small malls or shopping areas plus the little shops all up and down the streets. There are some store names that I recognize, but only a few. I went into some department stores, but did not buy anything. I found a grocery store which was not large, but bigger than the convenience store near our hotel. Not knowing if I should buy food for dinner or do a major food buy, I did not buy anything there either. After chatting with Toby, he stopped by the grocery store on his way home (it is on his way) and bought some pasta, sauce, wine, and dessert. What a guy! He brings home the bacon, and I fry it up in a pan. The wine was wonderful as was the pasta.

I did some painting in the afternoon, but I may have to make a trip to the art store (oh darn). It seems that I have no pencil with me. How could I bring watercolors, pads of paper, brushes, and pastels, but forget my pencil? I did my painting without drawing it first which is scary since it has buildings and perspective. I will post it later when it is finished. I also watched soccer while painting. There was a big game between the Arsenals and the Spurs. Unfortunately, I fell asleep before the end of the game.

Here are some photos of some of the pub/bar/casino/restaurants. Some of the names of the places make me laugh. Some make me blush. Some are just plain weird. Notice the church building which is a casino. Notice some of the other buildings do not have the usual pub look, but are in old office buildings. Ah, so many pubs; so little time.

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Mrs. Bear said...

How large a town is this? I can't see many trees...can't breath without a tree or grass or something!!! You must be "downtown" as we would say. Guess there aren't many trees in down town Dallas either. Wow I don't know about drinking a "pint" in a church!! Hummm.Did you go inside to see what they have done inside? You might could have a mighty big dance floor if ya moved the pews out LOL. Sure are some beautifully designed buildings! Keep walking and taking the pics Thanks for sharing with us!!! You know my last name was "Melville" my grandfather was actually born in Scotland. Maybe that is why I like beer!! LOL It's genetics!!!

Bag Blog said...

Anny, I wondered about the red hair and the temper, but I though it was probably Irish.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

For some reason i always notice how darkly most Europeans dress. I don't know if its just that that's all the colors offered in warm wear, or if they just like dressing darker tones. I think its kinda cool actually. I just love that architecture! So does Toby go to "The Hub" daily and talk to himself. I can't figger out which place i'd hang out at more...probably the "Illicit Still" but "Old Blackfriar's" does look promising. Thanks MamaLou, the pics ensure that my homesickness remains incurable...keep'em coming!

inpassing said...

It sure looks cold there by the way the people are dressed. That one guy had the hood on his coat fastened tight around his face. No wonder Toby wanted to buy a coat before leaving and you bought some earmuffs.

Another subject...You know how GBN1is fastenated by what relationship someone has to her. Always explaining that I'm her mother's mother, or that I'm her grandma, etc. Well, I had been with her earlier in the day and she had gone into a quite a dissertation about how I was her grandma. So later that night she called me. (It was an "illegal" call by the way.) When I answered, I heard this little voice on the other end say..."Hello...Grandma...well". Then our phone call was abruptly ended.

Bag Blog said...

Inpassing, That is GBN1 for you. I call them "unauthorized calls". I get especially tickled when I hear her mother say, "Come out from under the bed and give me the phone."

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, Arsenal is the team name and Gunners is the closest thing to a mascot that they have.

Tottenham Hotspur is the name of the other team and Spurs is the closest thing to a mascot for them.

Although, other teams' fans call them the Gooners and the Spuds.

I just didn't want you to look bad when you are at the pub watching footy.


Bag Blog said...

I kept thinking "Who the heck is Tottenham?" I need all the help I can get. Wouldn't want your ol' ma gettin' in a fight at the Noose and Monkey.

Arsenal won. The Spurs play again soon (forgot to write down the day and time, but I think it is Sunday. Then my channel 5 Skysports switched over to Rugby. Now there is a game!

I found our hotel on Google Earth - it is right up the street from the William Wallis statue and the map shows Skene House.

Buck said...

Great, good, and wonderful pics yet again, Lou. You sure are making me nostalgic.

As you know, there was some discussion about single-malts over at my place yesterday. I decided to check out how far you are from the first distillery I ever visited, and it looks like you're only 40 or 50 (at the most) miles from Dufftown, which has a great castle in addition to the Glenfiddich distillery. The castle is closed at this time of year, but unless things have changed you can still play in the ruins. TSMP and I visited before the official start of the season and had a great time playing in the ruins...and we had the place completely to ourselves. A lot to be said about the off-season, in that regard.

BTW..."Undiscovered Scotland" is a pretty good web site.

Buck said...

Dang! Forgot to mention... Have you bought any Ordnance Survey maps? They're about the best maps in the Free World and are available in any and all booksellers (WH Smith was my fave). Back in my day OS published a "Castles of Scotland" map that is very useful and makes for a great souvenir, too.

Becky said...

I'm enjoying the pictures. I love the old architecture and stuff. I'd comment more but my brain doesn't seem to be working to well these last few days. I think going back to work is the culprit. I'm still reading, though, and enjoying your accounts.

Ashley said...

Scotland sounds fun. I taught art today. I taught Mary and Sherry about colors. Allisa, Kat and I started the painting for the banquet. (I was roped into it) It is not very big so i hope we can finish it in two lessons. I will email you a pic of the finished product. Is you email address the same as it was when you went to Canada? Dawn called me on not commenting enough so i am trying to comment on the blogs i read. Yours, TFNP's, and Dawn's. Some times i read Buck's but he does not know who i am so i do not comment on his.

Bag Blog said...

Ashley, go ahead and comment till your little heart is content. Buck is a sharp man, he will figure out who you are soon enough. Mike, who comments on his sight is a "youngster" too. As for the banquet, you are a better woman than I am:) Rope Sarah Ann into helping - she is a speed painter!

Bag Blog said...

Buck, Thanks for the links and the map info. One of the tours offered on the hotel website was this Ballindalloch
Castle, Strathisla Whisky Distillery or Glenlivet Distillery tour. I was going to look into this tour for when Jesse gets here.

Buck said...

Ashley: I wanna second what Lou said, i.e., "Ashley, go ahead and comment till your little heart is content." As she noted, one of my regular readers is an ROTC cadet at Iowa State. There's an obvious military connection there, but we talk about other stuff, too.

We bloggers LIVE for comments, LOL!