Tuesday, January 01, 2008

More Yeha!

We spent our New Year's Eve with good friends playing silly board games and drinking margaritas. It was a perfect party. We got home in time to look at each other and say "Happy New Year" before falling into bed.
Toby and I often discuss New Year resolutions, but I think of them more as goals for the future - a plan. He asked me this morning if I wanted to write them down and sign in blood to keep them. I thought just spitting on our thumbs and rubbing them together was good enough.
We make the usual goal of eating less and moving more. We would like to build our house this year which would help with the first goal of moving more. When we built our current house, I lost weight due to the hard construction work. Some might point out that we have never actually finished the house we are in, but that will happen eventually (I'd rather you not point out the weight gain once we moved into the current house). I am a patient person (yeah right - you are thinking about the time I ripped out the kitchen sink and replaced it with a washer/dryer or the time I built the closet without Toby's help). Of course, I have personal goals that are difficult to explain, but I would like to be stronger and bolder. I would like to paint more and be a serious artist. As for my blog, I would like to be less serious - more fun . Once again, if we build the house this year, you will think you are reading about the Three Stooges (just go back to my first posts). In my future I would like to see Jesse married. I would like to have grandsons. Both of those things will take some patience because they are so totally out of my control. But like my house, they will happen some day.
I looked back at the last two New Years. Neither year did I write goals or resolutions really. One year was busy with the paratrooper who dropped into our lives over the holidays, and last year we were busy with GBN2. It makes me think that life just keeps moving along, although we give it new start or beginning. That is just for our own benefit, so that we can celebrate, and we can put off the old and put on the new. I like new beginnings, but actually each day can be a new beginning. Each day we can put off the yuck and try again on the yeha. I hope everyone has more yeha in their lives.
Jesse got home from her ski trip in time for GBN2's birthday party Dec. 30th. Here are some pics of Jes and her friends and one of Bo and his little family.


Becky said...

Happy New Year, Lou. May 2008 be filled with all the blessings you can imagine!

Mrs. Bear said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like the year is off to a techno year with a new cell and lap top. Spent my day yesterday learning about camcorders (sp?) Erin's Birthday is Friday and I had to learn before we bought. Spent more than I wanted to but got cool stuff. My brain hurt...still gotta buy a memory card. Old dogs can learn.