Wednesday, January 02, 2008

On Your Mark...

When Toby saw me sitting in my recliner, still wearing my robe, drinking coffee and playing on my laptop, he said, "I've created a monster." I worked all morning on my laptop. I now have my addresses in it and all my favorites where I can easily access them. The recliner is much more comfy than the desk. I like this whole laptop thing, but I may need a mouse so as to save the pads on my fingertips.

We have been doing other small things to get ready for our trip to Scotland - like laundry and Wal-Mart. Jesse and Mom have made their flight reservations to join us for a few days. That should be fun.

The kids came over last night with the Grand Babies. We cooked steaks on the grill, along with baked potatoes and black-eyed peas. I burnt my tongue tasting the peas - so much for good-luck. Jesse baked a chocolate chess pie - yummy. We needed to eat the steaks so that they would not get freezer-burn - Jesse certainly could not eat them by herself. It was a good excuse to have the kids over.

Speaking of steaks, Jesse ate at Texas Red's Steakhouse one night while on her ski trip. She said she was going to have a steak, but ended up ordering a "steakburger" (which is always excellent). When asked why she changed her mind, she said she never realized how expensive steaks were since her parents always paid for them. The girl is tight with her money - except for travel expenses and new cell phone and maybe clothes.

I still have lots to do before Sunday. Here is a link to a video that is quite funny. One of the young men in Toby's office apparently made this.


Dawn said...

Hey girl, you are having fun! glad to see it and glad Toby is laughing when you are at the computer, Shaun got grumpy so I have not been on, Maybe he just needs a steak and a chocolate chess pie too

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Well, i for one, strongly caution you in going with him due to the circumstances. Perhaps someone with a little less of an artists perspective and a little more firepower, someone

Jo Castillo said...

Yes, steaks help the grumpiness! Hope you have a great time on the trip. Nice that you will have company along the way.

Buck Pennington said...

I just have to ask, since you're talking about the laptop a lot...have you changed the password on your wireless router? It's a fact most people don't change the default password, some folks don't even know the router HAS a password.

OTOH, the probability of someone stealing your bandwidth and/or doing mischief is probably pretty low since all y'all don't live in the city.

But still...

Happy New Year!

Chris said...

Aren't grandbabies and steaks more fun than laptops and wireless routers!!??


Bag Blog said...

Gosh, Buck, I don't know! I do the art and the computing. Toby does the math and the computing. I keep thinking, "Who would steal from someone who has nothing?" But you never know.

TFNP, do you have a passport?

Dawn and Jo, by all means, break out the steaks!

Chris, My own kids were great, but Grand Babies are the best!