Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Small Stuff

Old Neighborhood:
Mrs. Bear mentioned that her grandmother as well as Annette Davis’ (another friend of ours from RR) grandmother lived in the same neighborhood as my mom’s old house. It is an old neighborhood with the houses probably built before WWII. The streets in that neighborhood are named after presidents - Monroe, Van Buren, Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Fillmore, Buchanan, Grant, Hayes, Taft, and Garfield – all old obscure presidents. Does that tell you how old the neighborhood is? Just kidding! But it does make you wonder why the town chose those presidents. Notice that there is no Lincoln. In fact, in the South you rarely see streets or schools named Lincoln, and yet, they named one Grant. Go figure!

We had quite a thunderstorm last night around 9 PM. It started off as rain and grew to thunder, lightning, and hail. Jesse has class on Wed. nights and drove home in the middle of the storm. As a typical worried mother, I was watching for her. When she pulled in, I was ready to open the door so she could run into the house. The dogs were ready too; they all ran into the house. It was a chore to get them out. We needed the rain, so I’m not complaining, well, maybe about the dogs. Toby was already in bed and left me to drag the dogs out.

I have to ‘fess up again. Toby and I have been fighting over something silly. While we were in Scotland, his boss drove us around Aberdeen showing us the city and giving all sorts of interesting commentary. He said something about a whiskey festival and lots of Germans showing up for the festival because they like a more earthy, strong taste in their food and drink. Then he said something about the Scots using "beets" to make some whiskeys or did he say "peat"? That was the word that started the fight between Toby and me. With his strong Scottish brogue and our loss of hearing, it is a wonder we understood anything he said. I thought he said "beets". Why would they make whiskey out of "peat" for Pete’s sake? Toby said I was crazy, and that the Scots use peat to make their whiskey, and "beets" did not make sense at all. "Beets" makes more sense than "peat" if you ask me. The fight raged on. After googling "beet whiskey", it turns out that there is such a thing, but not in Scotland. The Scots use peat fires to heat their brew, and it gives it a special taste. Gosh I hate it when I’m wrong. I think I will mix/match his socks again.

Cousin Jim News:
Here is the latest on my Marine cousin, Major Jim Lively. He recently received a Bronze Star at a ceremony in DC. He is pictured with his lovely wife, Ariel; Brig. Gen. Regner, who presented the award; and Congressman Vic Snyder, who Jim is currently working for on the Hill.


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Peat and Repeat! i was gonna have to side with Toby on that one. Beet whisky? Blech!!

Inquiries said...

I agree with you Lou. Peat whiskey sounds odd. Partially decayed vegetation whiskey! YUM! Beet sound better than decayed vegetation.

Buck said...

Gosh I hate it when I’m wrong. I think I will mix/match his socks again.

Now there's a woman being honest about things. ;-)

We NEVER win... even when we're right, which, of course, hardly EVER happens.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, you may be right this time.

Ashley, I think they just burn the peat - kind of like smoking meat with pecan or mesquite wood.

Piper, how about beet wine?

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Isn't that called red cooking wine?

Dawn said...

Okay, I sided with Toby, but I think it would be proper to go ahead and do the sock thing to keep things even:)

Jo Castillo said...

Major Jim Lively we salute you and thank you!

Love the argument. I never get to win either. :(

Mrs. Bear said...

Well, I think in order to put a close to the fight you should just drink some whiskey and then after a while who cares how it's made! And no one will care what kind of sock they have on. Then all will be right with the world. In thinking...when Brian is BBQ'ing he sometimes puts wood in the pit to give it that "smokey" flavor...might be the same thing with the peat. I don't like that flavor...I'll stay with the beets..I like vegies better anyway.

Bag Blog said...

Anny, ever my true friend!

brian britton said...

Ok, I have read enough about beets and peat.The argument is not a new thing.I have been in a couple of tussles with Lou,but I can't remember ever gettin in one with Toby. assesment: Lou likes to argue, Thats why we are friends ( boy do I have some stories)

Bag Blog said...

Bear, it is not that I am bossy; it is that my ideas are better. With you, I don't like to argue; I just want to fight.

MCNB said...

Hm, I'm going to need file away that socks revenge thing for an ideal moment... :)